Glee 11/25

Damn, that “Imagine” really did bring tears to my eyes.

Agreed. Even if it was a little cheesy. Although the final performance was a little silly. Will learns that copying a team is a bad idea… so he copies the other team instead.

I thought the brunette girl looked quite fetching after her makeover.

Thank god Tina finally gets a solo! (ok, she got a stanza or so of ‘Tonight’, but not enough)

That Crazy Right Now/Hair mash up was just awful, both aesthetically and musically.

And he accused Sue of giving the playist to their rivals. Which she did do after he accused her off it. :smack: And he gave her a real playlist intead of making one up. They’re really hamering in how naive and trusting Will is (then again given how Terri has him wrapped around her little finger nothing tonight was a surprise). And Finn is as sweet as he is hot. Actually Finn is basically a younger version of Will. So what ironic karmic fate awaits Quinn and Terri? :wink: I really hope this show at least lasts long enough for both to get their comeuppance.

I must admit, when Puck baby-smacked that Kendall-spawn in the back of the head, I was ready to send him a plate of cookies and the thanks of a grateful nation.

Got a phone call in the last scene – can someone summarize?

The whole deaf school thing was a little weird. First they made cheap dumb deaf jokes, but then it was like “aren’t these kids inspiring?” and then the hearing kids horning in on the deaf kids’ performance [del]so there would be something to sell on iTunes[/del] because they were so carried away by it. It just seemed off.

On the other hand, I laughed my butt off that the one bad girl’s name was Aphasia, so I’m probably a really bad person.

I think Kurt wins the night for best line: “It’s like she manages to simultaneously dress like a grandmother *and *a toddler.”

Overall though, this was one of my least favorite episodes. First, DISTRACTION, they hit the main DISTRACTION theme a little too hard DISTRACTION and often. Teri and Quinn’s use of the term made some sense, but later it got ridiculous. No Rachel, you and Kurt are not “just distractions” for Finn, if your point is that he is going to completely ignore you both because he loves Quinn.

And seeing more of Teri and Will has gone beyond making me hate her (it would be hard to increase the hatred they’ve already established), and making me hate him a little for being such a stupid doormat. They better pull the trigger on this scheme soon. Teri’s sister’s retarded plan just underlines how untenable the plot is (babies get born earlier and later than the due date; the babies’ ages don’t match, etc.).

Did everyone else hear that after the 9th of December, Glee will be off the Fox schedule until April? American Idol is taking its place, which just proves to me that my long-time hatred for AI is completely justified.

What? NO! I finally get interested in a show again enough to actually learn the character’s names and now they are going to take it away from me?

I laughed so hard at the name Aphasia that I almost missed the wallet-snatching scene. I’m just really afraid that sometime in the next year is going to want me to engrave that on something!

Well, if they’re only going to make X number of episodes a year, I’d just as soon see those episodes in a couple of discrete chunks, instead of a stretch of endless reruns in between. This show is good enough to wait for.

Besides – maybe they’ll skip ahead in the story to “four months later” four months from now. That might be cool.

Also, they’re moving it to Tuesdays. Which means I’ll have to either quit my trivia team or find a method of recording that actually works.

Sure, THAT time she’s in a pantsuit. The last three weeks it’s been (among viewers) all about “OMG Rachel was in a miniskirt looking so hot!”

I quipped to the wife that I bet they autotuned the deaf kid.

Cynical me and the BF had a good laugh at the end: The deaf choir begins and is sweet and touching, reminding the gleeks that they had gone astray with the whole hair thing. Then, Mercedes joins in as if to say, “Here, let ME sing that for you.” We just laughed at how borderline insulting it was - instead of politely listening and letting the visiting choir do their thing, the McKinley kids jump up and rub it in that they can do it better, and with Auto-Tune. I guess the whole thing was to show the Glee kids learning the error of their ways and joining the forces of good, but c’mon. Let the deaf kids have their moment!

At the risk of being called a prick, if the Glee cast hadn’t joined in with the deaf kids (and I have no idea if the actors are deaf or not - it really doesn’t matter for me), that scene would’ve been awful. As it is, it was still awfully saccarine.

Is there any reasonable way those deaf kids stand a chance of ever winning a competition of this type at this level other than if a judge feels sorry for them? To give them a fair shake, I rewatched portions of both of those numbers with the sound off, and either way, deaf kids, well, thanks for participating and all, sure you’re courageous, but…

Then again, I don’t see how the “hair coreography” and wigs were any more out of line than anything else the group has done, so what do I know? Hell, if anything, the wheelchair number is probably more out of line than anything.

At the end, Puck’s character really seemed to do a 180 this week. Remember when he gave up on Rachel because he really wanted Quinn? Guess he doesn’t! He just wants nookie, apparently…

And to all the Terri haters (and I’m no Terri lover, but don’t particularly hate her either) she wasn’t horrible at all this time. Sure, she’s still got Operation:Fake Baby going on, but she sure seemed to actually like Will this week, and not just be a shrewish type TV wife. Even beyond getting him the car, her whole thing about faking the baby because she wants a family with him. Sure, she’s a schemer, and it’ll be fun when she’s found out and gets hers, but she’s not The DEVIL.

Our company is a big United Way company. Part of our campaign this year included a mini-concert by the St. Rita’s School For the Deaf choir. A few of the kids who weren’t completely deaf did the singing and the rest signed and danced. Most of the kids looked uncomfortable, with the notable exception of one little black kid who really did enjoy the attention. We did our audience part, by clapping along and smiling, but frankly it was rather an awkward affair for all of us.

Back to Glee. I was struck once again how mediocre a singer Finn is. I’m amazed that the casting folks couldn’t find a masculine, tall, actor who could really belt out a song.

Quinn’s “Papa Don’t Preach” would have made more sense in front of her father. She goes from acting embarrassed to acting happy that she’s pregnant. She goes from wanting Finn to not wanting Finn to wanting the bad boy to not wanting the bad boy to wanting to put the child up for adoption to not wanting to put the child up for adoption…egads, it makes my head spin. Make up your mind already!

I thought Will had to work a second job because they were so tight for money. How did Terri get the money for a classic car?

Am I the only one who always though Sandy was far more attractive as the sweet, high school girl in Grease vs the tramp she became at the end?

No, everyone who isn’t a boy between the ages of 12 and 20 thinks that.

There was an awful lot of inconsistency in this episode, what with the “Rachel needs a makeover”, “Terri and Will suddenly have enough money to whimsically buy a classic car”, “Quinn considering Puck” (which was doubly weird since Finn’s mom has taken her in) and since when is Santana interested in Puck anymore? Has his credit rating improved?

“You look like a sad clown whore”
I agree that Rachel actually usually looks good in a [del]Catholic[/del] Jewish School Girl kind of way (even Puck thinks she’s hot), but I have to say that the black dress was quite fetching.

If the set list is real will the other teams copy?
If the set list is real will they practice those songs? (I guess not - more different songs means more downloads)


Who do you think I am?
That’s actually a very good question, as I’ve forgotten your names.