Glee 12/2 (spoilers)

Will found out Terri isn’t pregnant! WOW!!!

What do you think of it? I’m blown away from it. He’s showing spine! She turned into a neurotic mess (well, she is a neurotic mess, but she’s showing it.

I can’t believe what just happened!

What do you guys think of it?

What’s with Figgins shutting it down? Not amateurs? Bubkiss. I’m curious to see how this gets worked out. I mean, there’s still the rest of the season to get through. This episode is throwing me for a curve. It’s a bit heavier than most of the other episodes. Wow.

Wow. Fantastic episode. I really loved the scene with Shue and Terry, not only because he finally found out, but I thought the actor just did a great job going from shock to anger.

I’m increasingly less impressed with Finn each episode. He’s really just kind of meh.

Close to the end, I so thought that this was going to be an “Empire Strikes Back” kind of episode: strong, but a downer. In a way, it was, but only Will got put on the chopping block instead of the whole gang.

Wow, I can’t believe that Terri got exposed so soon. I would have sworn that the fake pregnancy plot line would be milked much longer. Speaking of the discovery, why would Will’s things be in his wife’s undies drawer?

I thought the whole Emma/Ken wedding had been called off weeks ago, but I guess I’m just confused about that.

Will could have just paid the mattress store for the one he couldn’t return, and stayed on as the glee sponsor.

Favorite Sue line: “I went ahead and had them yank my tear ducts out–I wasn’t using them.”

He couldn’t find it in his stuff so he just figured maybe she put it away in the wrong place. She’s not exactly the best housekeeper.

That was indeed awesome about Terri and Will standing up to her like he did.

I don’t think Will had to take the bullet, though. There would be sneaky and non-sneaky ways to set things right. Sneaky, go buy another mattress, leave it wrapped and put it with the others to return. The Mattress king was selling soiled mattresses I don’t think he’d inspect them or care if he got a better mattress in return. Mostly non-sneaky but a little sneaky, just explain the situation with the kids to the mattress guy (and that it was pre-soiled and maybe he doesn’t want other people to know he sells soiled mattresses) and he’d probably take it back. Not sneaky at all, pay the mattress guy for the used mattress, no payment taken for their performance, no harm/no foul.

I know they will probably find a way to have Will in charge of the Gleeks again but it still bums me out.

Is there any news station in the country that would seriously allow someone like Sue to do an editorial bit like that?

Could anyone tell me what Brittany said when they were talking about Patches (the former glee club star who now sleeps in front of the library)? I had trouble parsing it. Something about her mom?

I think she said, “He barks at my mom.”

Thanks, Tangent.

I hadn’t noticed that they have ever needed to use Auto Tune on Lea Michele’s vocals. But they did tonight on her duet with the Finn character. (What was that song?) I don’t know how Auto Tune works, but maybe they have to adjust both vocals if one of them is off.

Smile by Lily Allen. It sounds so sweet then you listen to the lyrics, “when I see you cry, it makes me smile”.

What a great scene with Will and Terri. Really intense compared to what you usually see on TV. I’m a little worried that it set the bar too high for when Finn find out about Quinn’s lie.

I figure that since the kids did the mattress commercial without Will, he probably wasn’t one of the intended recipients. Were there enough mattresses for the kids plus Will, or just the kids? If only the kids got mattresses, then Will wasn’t accepting a mattress so much as stealing one (is it possible to decline to press charges in theft cases?); that may be the loophole they need.

After the scene where Will’s wife bitches at him about wanting $300, I told my wife “If she doesn’t get some comeuppance by the end of this episode, I’m done with this show”.

You dodged a bullet this time, Glee!

I thought the scene with Shue and Terry was beautifully acted but badly directed (and written.) I thought when he got up in her face it was deliberately provocative on behalf of the directors, but not at all realistic. It would have been better if he’d thrown a chair or something.

I really hate the way Terry is written in general. Completely one-dimensional.

I didn’t care for this episode. I’m a little confused what they’re going to write about in future seasons since they seem to be rushing all the plot lines.

You don’t think when a man has been sacrificing everything for months to support an unborn child he has his heart set on and then finds out his wife was faking it would slap her? I thought he was RESTRAINING himself to only do that.

I thought Matthew Morrison did a great job in that scene. I also was expecting this absurb fake pregnancy storyline to be carried through the end of S.1.

Some of the laziness of the writing just kills me though. Who shoots a commercial one day and has it air the next night? How did a local producer get the rights to “Jump”? What principal would get away with not allowing a club to get its picture in the yearbook?

I know, I know. Quit nitpicking.

I hear ya - 'Cause if you start you’ll never stop. Hell, there are 10-20 kids (depending on the episode) in a high school that can actually sing/dance? YEAH RIGHT!

Yes, I think maybe he would slap her (though I don’t remember him doing that.) Or maybe throw a chair or punch a hole in the wall. I don’t think he would get all on top of her and grab her wrist threateningly and scream at her to lift up her shirt in a way that seems to deliberately evoke violent sexual tension. Frankly it seems more likely that he would be so disgusted by her he wouldn’t even want to look at her much less smash himself against her. Just my impression.

I thought this episode had a high standard deviation of quality. It had some wonderful moments (Rachel talking to herself in the mirror, Quinn standing up to Sue, Sue being as funny as ever, the commercial, the song at the end, the end of the fake pregnancy), but also had some terrible moments (the duet between Rachel and Finn was maybe the worst musical number the show has had… as someone else noted, since when do they need to auto-tune Rachel?), and a collection of utterly baffling plot points:
-how is that having only a quarter page would mean you could only fit two people? You could just have a smaller photo of the whole group, obviously
-the whole episode seemed to be taking place in a universe where there’s only a single copy of a high school’s yearbook printed. Newsflash: if you get your yearbook and take it home and put it in your bedroom, the jocks aren’t going to deface the photo in it unless they engage in breaking and entering
-the business with losing their amateur status was also totally unbelievable
Still, a very entertaining episode overall. I guess you just gotta accept that the way the world works in Gleeland are different.

Can someone please explain “auto-tune?”