Glee: 1.13, "Sectionals" (open spoilers)

Last episode before the hiatus airs tonight. Emma’s taking the kids to Sectionals (which we finally get to see). It looks like Quinn’s litte secret will get revealed.

Wow, this definitely felt like a season finale. Alot of the ongoing plots have been wrapped up. Finn knows about Quinn, Will’s left Terri, the kids won Sectionals, Sue’s been neutralized (for now), and Emma’s wedding to Ken is off. Sue finally got what she had coming to her.

Of course there’s still plenty of stuff to cover [del]next[/del] in the rest this season. Sue’s going to out for blood when she get’s back (& what happens to Cheerios), Emma & Will, Quinn & Puck (I assume Finn’s thown her out), Regionals, Rachel & Finn, etc.

Lots of stuff wrapped up fer sher – but plenty to look forward to for the next half-season. (I’m one of the weirdos who prefers solid runs, even if chopped up, to endless reruns.)

Loved the performance at sectionals – but it would have been better if they hadn’t indicated what the song would be in the bumpers and promos.

The scene in the judges’ room was pretty funny.

Did I miss a song? Weren’t they suppose to do 3 at the competition?

They seemed to be going out of their way to make it a hollow victory. One group was deaf and couldn’t really sing and the judges didn’t know squat and didn’t give a shit. Curious.

They mentioned a third song, but I think it was one we’ve heard before, so they didn’t show it again.

The ‘no sex’ slashie in the last scene was just icing on the cake.

Anybody else think Fox is doing their best to make this show unwatchable by squeezing in as many commercials breaks as possible into an hour? I don’t really follow the industry much, is this their cash cow? Is the commercial time actually excessive or is it just me?

Pretty clean season finale. They tied up all of the loose ends. It almost felt like a series finale. Maybe it was written before they knew if it would be picked up again.

Was the beauty queen judge played by the same actress that played the Fellowship of the Sun girl in True Blood?

I watched the first couple of episodes of Glee back when they first aired and liked the show enough to add it to my DVR’s schedule, though I haven’t been keeping up with it on a weekly basis. With everything else I’ve been watching in hiatus I’ve been catching up on the show over the last week or so.

I haven’t watched the mid-season finale yet, (not exactly avoiding spoilers), but I’m struck by everyone mentioning how much it feels like a season finale with plot lines wrapping up and whatnot. I really, really like this show, but, (as I’ve noted to myself more than once), everything seems to happen so damn quickly! Plots and subplots are introduced and dealt with in a mater of two or three episodes, when it feels like they could easily run them out a little bit more.

For example… (Spoilers just in case)

I completely did not expect Will to find out about Terri faking the pregnancy as quickly as he did, in the middle of the season no less. Not to mention Quinn’s involvement in the matter. It makes me wonder how long it’ll be before Finn figures out the truth.

And allow me to emphasize, I don’t think this is necessarily a bad thing. I’ve noted that the show seems to have a unique kind of flow, and it’s definitely keeping my attention. I’m not quite sure how I feel about just yet, to be honest. The show seems like it will be prone to ever increasing levels of dramatics and it’s getting started early. It could, potentially, end up being very entertaining for all the wrong reasons. :smiley:

Regarding the performers, I really like Rachel, Finn, and Kurt, and even Quinn is growing on me, I’m feeling far more sympathy for her than I expected to. And Sue is so deliciously evil to watch! However, I need to give specific kudos to the actor who portrays Will. The show kind of hinges on his performance and I’ve been very impressed with the level of earnestness and honesty he’s maintained. He seems a very likable character with few real flaws which is generally difficult to maintain over long stretches. I honestly didn’t expect to like his character as much as I have and I hope he can continue doing what he does so well.

Off to watch this episode now.

They were probably trying to show that even though it’s not important in the grand scheme of things, it was really important to the kids in glee. It’s good to set a tempo. Glee is a show about outcasts, so you don’t want the kids becoming super famous within the first 13 episodes.

I was grinning like an idiot throughout the whole sectionals performance. I liked how the crowd of middle aged parents were really enjoying themselves. That and it’s always fun to watch Rachel transform from a quirky and irritating teenager into a powerhouse whenever she sings.

The scene with the judges was funny. It doesn’t get much less artistic than a city comptroller.

I also enjoyed the expression on Mercedes’ face when she saw that the competition was singing her song.

Okay, having watched the ep and my one piece of idle curiosity having been laid bare I’ll just say this…

I don’t think this show expected to be renewed past these initial 13 episodes. Lots of closure and not much else. I suspect we may see a slightly different kind of show when it comes back in April.

They have something very special here and, to quote Finn, “don’t screw it up.”

  1. Where is Quinn living? Surely Finn isn’t down with having her stay with him now.
  2. Surely there are more than three schools competing in sectionals.
  3. Did anybody really think the Jane Addams coach was really going in there to confess to the judges that she cheated? I didn’t, not for a second. I thought she was bluffing.
  1. I have no freaking clue. I mean, she can’t go back to her parents. And when she was saying that she was doing this on her own, I figure she’s not living with Puck. And if I were Finn, I’d have her gone.

  2. Sectionals is a smaller competition. When I was in show choir, our sectionals consisted of the 5 Division I (large) high schools in my city. Some districts had only 3 or 4 schools in their sectionals.

  3. I think she was going to. She’s the one that felt really guilty about taking the set list from Sue. She seems like a good person and I thought she was going to do the right thing.

Vice comptroller. The real comptroller was at Nascar :stuck_out_tongue:

Did they mention what the other schools were planning to do if McKinley High School went first? And didn’t anyone notice that two schools brought prop wheelchairs and asked for the same ramp setup onstage?

Sue Sylvester said in an earlier episode that she was able to arrange for McKinley to go third.

If Will has moved out, Quinn could live with Terri – I’m think she would have taken her in. But we would have known that when Will went home to change for the wedding.

Yes, that was Anna Camp.

Is it just me, or does the actress who plays Brittany manage to make everything she does a little bit funny?

It’s not just you. She steals a lot of scenes. She’s a clever one.