No Glee Thread? Glee 1/18 - Yes/No

Rate My Glee: When Will tries to plan a special surprise for Emma, he enlists the glee club to help him sweep her off her feet. Meanwhile, Becky sets her sights on Artie, and Finn makes an announcement about his life plans after high school that surprises the glee club.

Summer Nights
Wedding Bell Blues
Moves Like Jagger/Jumping Jack Flash
The First Time (Ever I Saw His Face)
Without You’
We Found Love

I do wonder if the writers intentionally make Will a douche, because he was a SUPREME douche during this episode. Poor Emma.

However, having Helen Mirren as Becky’s inner voice was inspired. :slight_smile:

I thought the episode was hilarious. The homage to Grease.

Coach Beiste elopes!

During Emma’s song, Coach Beiste and Sue were wearing the outrageous hats worn by Princess Eugenie and Beatrice at Will/Kates wedding. Hilarious.

And Nene Leakes as the Synchronize Swimming coach. Funny. Bronze Medal Individual Synchonize Swimming!

I didn’t like the Jumping Jack Flash/Moves like Jagger medley.

They should have gone with the caddyshack synchronize swimming scene.


I did like the Grease song at the start - nice touch.

I took a bath mid-episode - what did Will say to Emma?

Didn’t care much for the episode overall, but there were a few things I did like.

I liked the swim coach, she was pretty funny.

I liked Becky’s inner voice. I don’t know if they did it because it was funny or because the actual actress just isn’t up to that much dialog, but either way it worked.

I liked that Finn’s dad’s backstory was revealed to be a load of crap. For a long time know it’s been known that something didn’t add up, if his dad died in the Gulf War, Finn would have to be in his 20’s now. Now, the new story doesn’t quite add up right either, if he was only back a few months when he OD’d, but now that Finn’s mom is shown to be a truth embellisher, it’s easy to suppose that maybe she’s still fudging things and dad was back from the war longer than she said and long enough that THAT is when Finn came along.

I loved loved loved Emma’s number, including the Sue and Bieste backup with hats.

I had a long, tough day at work yesterday after a long, tough WEEK at work the week before, and coming home I was hoping for a reasonably entertaining episode of Glee, as opposed to one that would crush my soul. While “Yes/No” wasn’t one of my favorite episodes (not even close), it was a decent episode and I’m happy with that.

It wasn’t until later reading comments like this online:

That I thought “Yeah, Will was pretty awful.” I barely even noticed while watching the show, I think because I basically just ignore Will now. If you ignore the character’s informed attributes and pay attention to how he actually behaves, he’s really a terrible person…and the writers don’t even seem to realize it. I was glad Emma accepted his proposal just because I want their “Will they or won’t they?” storyline to end already, although she was probably better off with the John Stamos dentist character from last season.

It was also rather inappropriate for Will to assign his students a project relating to his upcoming proposal, and REALLY inappropriate for him to want Finn to be his best man.

Like TBG I did think it was interesting to get some backstory on Finn’s dad, and while it was obviously a retcon it did at least do something to patch a lingering plot hole. But this was one of those Glee storylines that seemed oddly rushed – especially since the writers are willing to devote episode after episode to tedious romantic plots. I think it would have been more effective if there had been an earlier episode where Finn had expressed some interest in the military, or if Finn’s dad had at least been mentioned recently.

While I didn’t love any of the musical numbers they were all fairly entertaining, and it was a good mix of old and new songs. “Wedding Bell Blues” was probably my favorite of the bunch. I was pleased that the scenes of Emma in a wedding gown that were seen in the teaser turned out to be part of a fantasy, because I’d been afraid the poor woman was going to show up at school dressed like that. I have never liked Grease, but even the opening number didn’t bother me – it seemed fun and worked with the Mercedes/Sam storyline. It was also fun to see them do a big aquatic musical number, even though I’d never heard that Rihanna song before. I also thought Rachel looked great in her retro swimsuit, probably as attractive as she’s ever looked on the show.

The title of the episode had me expecting a rendition of Katy Perry’s “Hot and Cold”, so I was relieved when this didn’t happen. I freaking hate Katy Perry and they’d already done an excessive number of her songs.

I loved the ep.

I thought the Will/Emma part was the weakest storyline. Loved Becky’s inner voice and Coach Sylvester’s advice to Artie. <paraphrasing> “Treat her like you’d treat anyone else. That’s what she wants. You should know that.” *

I thought the Grease song was so cute.

And again, an episode where I cried. When Finn’s mom tells him the truth about his father.

*Then just after “And racing gloves, again? It’s a wheelchair, not a Porsche.”

I loved the swim coach. I agree, it was inappropriate for Will to ask a student to be his best man. Will seems inappropriately familiar with almost all the students. I loved Becky’s voice, and cringed during the Busby Berkeley scene. Not because it was bad, but because Will just doesn’t have a clue.

Lamia - I thought there was foreshadowing about the military, or at least that Finn’s beginning to think about being a grownup and realizing he doesn’t have many options or talents. This whole season while Kurt and Rachel have been planning their future, he’s obviously been trying to see where he was going. I thought I remembered a scene where Burt was telling Finn he wasn’t going to run the garage eventually, although I could be mis-remembering.

I loved Wedding Bell Blues - I always have. I wasn’t thrilled with the Move Like Jagger number, but liked The First Time. Over all a “like it” for me.


Finn has been shown thinking about his future and (lack of) options, but I don’t remember there being any hint of interest in the military before this episode. It’s not a totally left field choice or anything, I just feel like they could have gotten a lot more out of this storyline than the two scenes devoted to it in “Yes/No”.

Incidentally, learning about the late Mr. Hudson’s drug problem in the same episode where Will makes a big deal about what good friends he and Finn are reminded me that the only reason Finn joined the glee club in the first place was that Will framed him for marijuana possession and then blackmailed him. This is perhaps a plot point best left forgotten – I don’t think it’s been alluded to since the pilot – but it’s unfortunate that most of Finn’s male role models are much more troubled than he realized. At least he still has Burt, who is really the only mentally healthy adult man left on the show.

On a different note, did I miss something or was Brittany oddly absent this week? She was around in the background a little and appeared in Santana’s memory (it’s nice when the show remembers they’re dating), but I don’t remember her having any lines and she didn’t perform with the other girls during “The First Time”.

Where’s alphaboi867? I hope all’s well.

Several of us pegged that something was badly wrong with Finn’s dad’s official story back in the first few episodes, not least of which was that the war ended in 1991 and Finn was born around 1993 at the earliest. You’d think that even a dim bulb like Finn would have noticed this at some point, or that his dad wasn’t on the (very short) list of First Gulf War deaths, or the fact his mother was struggling to make ends meet when there should have been a life insurance settlement and pension for a soldier killed in service, etc… OTOH, this is a universe where a school lets a kid in a wheelchair play football and roll himself into the school swimming pool.

And will Ryan Murphy just go ahead and break new ground on primetime by showing full on Chord Overstreet nudity already? (Which I admit I would watch.) It’s gotten almost ridiculous.

I remember this being discussed here too. From what I’ve read elsewhere the real explanation seems to be that the original script for Glee (first intended as a movie) was written long before the TV pilot was produced, and Finn’s backstory wasn’t adjusted to compensate for the story being set a few years later than originally planned.

Eh, by the loose standards of Glee I’d say it’s within the realm of plausibility that Finn doesn’t know when the Gulf War ended and never checked up on his father’s service record. Unless he knew other military families I can easily believe he’s unfamiliar with the benefits that normally go to surviving dependents. And since his mother was willing to lie about the subject, she may have just made up some excuse if Finn ever did ask her about it. I mean, this is a guy who believed his girlfriend got pregnant without them ever having sex, so I doubt he’d question “The paperwork got lost.”

I have been expecting for some time that Burt’s election to Congress would eventually lead to someone singing CCR’s “Fortunate Son”. Now that Finn has become disillusioned regarding his own father’s military service, it seems inevitable.

This is one of my favorite recent episodes. The scene between Emma and Will at the dining room table really hit close to home, because it didn’t sugarcoat the reality of living with someone who has a psychological disorder. He had to accept that there was no guarantee she was going to get better in order to fully commit.

Actually, “individual synchronized swimming” was an Olympic event, in Los Angeles, Seoul, and Barcelona. For some reason, there was no (more than two person) “team” event before Atlanta. (For the record, all three individual bronze medals went to Japanese swimmers.)

Speaking of which, they made it look like McKinley’s synchronized swim team is fairly evenly coed, although you never do see any of the boys “legitimately” performing in the routine they do. (According to a nationwide survey of high schools, there are about 30 schools that have synchronized swimming programs, but apparently all of them are all-girl teams.)

I do think the show deserves a lot of credit for avoiding what TV Tropes calls the “Inspirationally Disadvantaged” or “Magical Differently Abled Person” trope when it comes to Becky. Unlike Sue’s sister, who was basically a saint, Becky (and Artie, come to think of it) are portrayed as generally good kids but capable of being selfish, judgmental, or just plain horny.

Becky could very easily have been a character who was only trotted out for the odd Very Special Episode, but she’s been a regular background character since season one and it was nice to see her get a major storyline this week.

I agree with this. And at least where Emma is concerned, I don’t think Will was a douche. Being with someone that has myriad mental issues, especially ones that go that deep, is very complicated and can be extremely disheartening. I’m glad the show somewhat realistically portrayed his trepidation and didn’t just dive in (hah) to a perfect union between the two. I mean, hell, as it stands right now, Will may never consummate his marriage.

Overall, I really liked this episode and appreciate, too, that Becky is seen as just one of the group. There wasn’t even an After School Special moment when it was found out she sent Artie nudie shots. Plus, I think they had him handle that situation gracefully.

Oh, and has anyone else heard who is playing Rachel’s dads? I’m not certain if it’s been mentioned before or not, but I’ll spoiler it just in case. Excellent, interesting choices, in my humble opinion.

Jeff Goldblum and Brian Stokes Mitchell!

I think it was reasonable for Will to have concerns about Emma’s mental health and the effect it would have on their relationship, but I really did not like that he so quickly went to “What about your ability to take care of our babies!” when there’s been no indication that they’d ever even discussed having children before. Will just seemed to assume that of course Emma would be bearing him children, when it’s entirely possible that this is not something Emma wants. If Will wants kids then he’s entitled to consider this a relationship dealbreaker and move on to someone else, but it didn’t seem like he’d even thought about Emma having her own opinion.

I agree. Will is way too involved in the personal lives of his students, and vice versa. The whole scene in the jewerly store almost looked like he took Finn there to select a ring for him.

As much as I dislike Emma’s patents; they have a point. Does Will really know how much he’s getting into? Will clearly wants children, but we’ve no idea what Emma wants. And no matter how much of a hands on father Will is; he can’t do everything and every concern her parents brought up is still valid. Just imagine Emma trying to get through pregnancy and childbirth.

New, and much better paying job that involves a set 2nd shift schedule. I need to get around to finally joining the DVR club. I finally got around to downloading & watching this episode only tonight.

I’m glad Chord’s on the swim team, but come on. This was the perfect chance to show him (as well as the entire male cast) in speedos and Murphy blew it. :mad: