Glee 11/11 (Spoilers after it airs)

A quick reminder for everyone, Glee returns tonight at 2100 on Fox.

I was just thinking a couple days ago how much I was missing Glee. I’m so excited!

And, as I understand it, it’s all about “Wheels”, for everyone who has been wondering: “What’s the deal with the wheelchair kid?”

Please god, let it start soon! I’ve been watching back episodes on hulu and I’ve got that damn Beyonce tune (Single Ladies: Put a Ring On It) stuck in my head! I need a new tune!

You’re too kind! :wink:

I want to be clear; I still have use of my penis.:smiley:

Called it.

The sister.

But I did not call that…

I love Jane Lynch more and more each week.

Yea, but for what?:smiley:

It was obvious, wasn’t it, that Lea was doing a better job on “Defying Gravity” than the dude, *way before *he messed up that note?

Better, but I preferred Kurt’s (pre-crack); it’s all about the emotional content

Wow, that just shows to go how differently people perceive things. I thought Lea’s singing was much more emotional than Kurt’s.

Their duet of this on the CD is killer, by the way.

OMG she sounded exactly like Idina Menzel!

I wasn’t sure what to make of the all-wheelchair finale. Able-bodied kids in wheelchairs singing “Rollin’ On the River”? It just seemed off. I told hubby is seemed rather like performing in blackface and it being portrayed as okay because there’s a FOR REALS black person in the cast. Not the same, no, and certainly not mean-spirited, but it just didn’t sit well with me. I dunno; I’m not sure what I should feel or what I do feel about that.

Hubby called it too, enalzi. I must be behind on my game.

And count me in that Lea did a better job, although I thought she was overdoing it at the end. Kurt did, however, portray more heart and “realness” IMHO.

Dammit, why am I sick again? I need to get my Wicked CD out and start a-singing that one.

I lobe Kurt’s dad. You can tell he really loves his son and wants him to be happy, no matter what he chooses.

I called the sister also, but not at first. At first I thought
she was up to something.

I can’t can’t can’t wait for Quinn to get called out on her shit. She is an absolutely horrible person, along with Terri, and I hope both end up alone and unloved while Will gets with Emma and Finn gets with Racheal.

Rachel sounded much better than Kurt. Kurt sounded thin and reedy.

Personally, the thing felt like a “Very Special Episode” to me which kind of turned me off to it. It had a few good moments but… whatever. Every couple of weeks I tell myself “I’ll watch once more and if it doesn’t get me, I’m done” and they put out a great episode. This was not one of those great episodes but there’s always next week.

God I hate Rachel’s voice. And the way she bugs out her whole face when she sings. I liked Kurt’s about a million times better, even with the “wrong” notes. (I say “wrong” because I couldn’t tell it was supposed to be wrong until I saw everyone reacting to it. If you haven’t heard the song before it didn’t sound any worse than any of their other songs I’ve never heard before.)

I’m confused - is Sue’s “big sister” her actual sister, or is Sue a “little sister” as in the Big Sisters/Little Sisters program? Either way it’s too far fetched for me. I mean even if it were her actual sister I think she’d totally blow her off. (I’ve bought everything up until now - LOL!)

I love Rachel’s voice! And Kurt looked too clownish, too thin and nasally a sound, not as much emotion (except the hateful looks he kept shooting at Rachel) plus the way he was standing, while in character, was distracting.

And I called the Sue thing during the private jumprope session. I think it is an actual sister, not a Big/Little Sister program thing…Sue would NEVER join that! And she would have been the Big…

No no no. Kurt was that song. I would have voted for Kurt.