Cosmetic Eyelid Surgery in Mexico

A friend of mine is looking into cosmetic surgery (blepharoplasty) to tighten up the skin above his eyelids and remove the bags underneath. He wants to find a good, reliable surgeon who gets good results, but also at a reasonable price. I told him to find out who, locally, is certified by the board of plastic surgeons and go from there. I’m pretty sure it’s a relatively common procedure. Now he says he is considering going to Tijuana, Mexico for this surgery. Apparently it’s a doctor and staff trained in the US, but the price is a lot less there. Personally, I wouldn’t want to gamble with my FACE with cheap cosmetic surgery, but what do I know. Does anyone here have experience - good or bad - with such surgery done overseas or in Mexico at a lower price than in the US?

I have no personal experience, but there was a big article in a recent Time magazine about people going overseas to save money on elective surgery, although the destination mentioned in the article was mostly Asia.

snort “he”

Anyway, uhm, I know that my cousin got a rhinoplasty down in Mexico 'cause she couldn’t afford to get one here. Everything turned out fine, but she says that you have to be very, very careful when choosing your surgeon. Sorry I can’t be of more help, however I don’t see her all that often so that’s all I got. I hope everything goes well for your friend. So long as he isn’t more worried about the price rather than the quality of the procedure, he’ll be fine.

My mother had her eye-lids done in Mexico, and one of my sister’s had her nose done, also in Mexico.

This might come off as a surprise but other countrie’s doctors can be pretty reliable too. And just because they are cheaper doesn’t mean they use a shot of whiskey and a bullet to bite as anesthetics.

And make sure he reaserches the doctor your friend picks, but that goes without saying regardless of where you have the surgery.

I wouldn’t take the gamble with my face, or my health. I have read & heard about enough horror stories, especially if anything goes wrong. In fact, my sister-in-law’s friend had a heart attack in Mexico, and it turned into a nightmare - they had to pay a bribe in order to get him out of the country to a U.S. hospital, and I can’t recall for sure, but I think he didn’t get to the U.S. hospital in time, and died.

I woldn’t go so far as to say there are no good or reputable surgeons in Mexico, but some of the text accompanying the slideshow here is truly frightening.

Slide #4: “A ketchup bottle and outdated medical equipment sit in Lisa’s operating room. The operating room was stuffy and hot, the climate regulated by a ceiling unit that provided little cool air.”

Slide #5: “Dr. Jose Luis Villarreal Arroyo performs multiple surgeries on Lisa. She spent five hours on the operating room table. During the surgery, a fly buzzed around her face as a nurse tried to kill it.”

I couldn’t read any more. <shudder>

There are a lot of truly shady and downright black market surgeons in America too, just as there are many reputable and good surgeons in Mexico. I’d be more worried that without speaking the language and being familiar with what’s the norm there, I’d have a harder time figuring who’s great and who’s a nightmare when looking for a surgeon in a foreign country.

Still, if you can find some trustworthy referrals, Mexico doesn’t seem like a bad place to go for surgery. Things are cheaper but you’re still relatively close to home (assuming you’re from the US, of course) as opposed to flying to Asia or Europe, and there are some perfectly modern hospitals with good staff. I would just personally have to have an honest recommendations from a patient, preferably from someone I had met face to face. If I didn’t know anyone personally, there are lots of plastic surgery mailing lists out there that’d at least be a decent starting point.

I don’t know about Mexico, but maybe Opal Cat will stop by. She had her plastic surgery done in Brazil (I think) and was very pleased with the results, as well as the cleanliness of the hospital and the professionalism of the staff.

There is no way I would get “discount” surgery - cosmetic or not. If I decided to get something cosmetic done, I would wait until I had the money have my top choice surgeon. I only have 1 body and I wouldn’t trust it to any random doctor.

And I definitely don’t want flies buzzing around my open flesh. :eek: Those photos are gross.

I’ve had a few knee surgeries over the past 3 years. The OR and recovery rooms have been spotless, very cold and my surgeon and the other staff members were considerate and professional. I’d expect nothing less from a cosmetic facility.

I’m still freaked out by the flies!