Cost of a home energy audit

I’m looking into a doing a home energy audit. I live in LA, and the best response (as far as thorough testing) that I’ve gotten so far comes with a hefty $750 price tag. :eek:

Is this a fairly standard rate for a home energy audit? They claim it has to do with the sq ftg of my house (1800 sq ft) and the number of zones on our a/c unit (just 1). For a small house with 1 zone, I’m a bit afraid of the cost, but I want to get an idea of competing rates before I try and work them down. Anyone have experience doing this sort of thing?

In a lot of areas the power company will do one for free or for a low cost. Have you called them?

Yeah. LADWP (dept water and power) won’t do them anymore, haven’t for years. Jerks.