cost of living - Manhattan vs London

Thinking of taking a job in London for two years - I know London is more expensive than NYC, but is there a published survey somewhere that compares the cost of living - rent, food, etc. - between NYC and London? I need the info to haggle with my boss, who feels that I should pay for the opportunity.

Mercer’s annual Cost of Living Survey:

As of March 2007, London is the second-most expensive city after Moscow, and the cost-of-living index is 126.3 (Compared to New York City’s 100).

The Mercer web site gives some further information, but AFAIK you need to pay to get more detailed breakdown.

Do you want Manhattan versus a comparable area of London, Manhattan versus London in general, or just a city-to-city comparison? To the best of my knowledge Manhattan is roughly equivalent to having Knightsbridge/Notting Hill/Mayfair/Belgravia/Chelsea all together on an island in the Thames - maybe your boss is thinking you can commute in from Hackney or Upminster instead :smiley:

Thanks guys, let me hijack myself. Has anyone out there been relocated to London recently by a large corporation? If so, what kind of compensation package have you been given? My boss is looking at 30%, which is in line with Mercer’s, but I don’t think that is an accurate reflection of what it would cost to maintain my current standard.

Dublin is 16th in that list. Should we be proud? :slight_smile: