Cost to install brand new water softener.

Friend has pretty bad well water. Thirty year old water softener took a poop. Professional plumber came out and looked and quoted $2500 for a new one installed(supposedly top of the line softener, give or take).

Does this sound high/low/average?

In my area a cheap softner from online or a big box store will run about $700 installed in a cheap way. A high quality twin tank softner will run $3500 installed with quality plumbing.

That is for my area assuming regular household usage and flows.

A cheap softner serves the same purpose to the same effect as an expensive softner. It’s a difference in reliability and longevity. I expect 7-8 years out of the cheap ones and 40+ out of the expensive ones.

Just did this. 24 year old softener died. Replaced with similar one, cost about $450.00, self installed.

Yeah, if he is just replacing one he could probably just do it himself. They all come with instructions on how to install them.

The cost of the softeners range from about $300 to several thousand. I have a relatively cheap whirlpool that Lowes sells and it does the job. I installed it a few months ago and it was a major job that required a lot of re-plumbing. But a replacement should be an easy swap.

Yea, ours was installed in 1989. Died last year. I went to Lowe’s and bought one for $450. Wasn’t too difficult to install.

They’re easy to install. I think ours was about $350, and has been problem - free the past two years. Talk to a handyman. $2500 is nuts for a job that shouldn’t take more than a couple of hours.