Costliest home in the world !!

In Mumbai ,India … Owner Mukesh Ambani … Cost USD 2 billion

story here

Yeesh. Pictures in this article.

Needs? Needs?? I’d like to know what those needs are.

The need to utilize the living space that could house a medium-sized town? The need to earn the disgust of anyone with a conscience?

It looks like a lot of the space is being used by corporate employees and guests. I wonder how much of it is actually private, family only space?

Well, I think it’s badass.

It’s less a house than a very plush conference center, isn’t it?

It looks like a hotel. I would not want to live there.

…and don’t forget the first six floors are just parking. (SIX floors??? Just for PARKING!!! double-ewe-tee-eff!)

An ICE ROOM to sit in a snow flurry when the weather is hot?

Good Gawd.

Meh. Looks like a hotel, not a home.

I do like the ginkgo leaf sinks, however.

I used to live just a few minutes away from where this is being built. I’ve seen it under construction.

Here’s what it is expected to look like when completed:

Besides the price, that thing is hideous. Looks like th architect tripped on his way to the project presentation, fell on top of the building scale model and put it back together in a hurry using popsicles.

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder… :smiley:

I´d say the beholder needs to visit and optician ASAP. :wink:

This one is still occupied in North Carolina, but it’s open for tours anyway. It will do in a pinch. It comes with a handy winery and a few flowers in the garden. But so far, it’s not up for sale. I’ve been keeping my eye on it though.

Confidentially, I’d rather lay claim to Thomas Wolfe’s mother’s boarding house. It was foundation for Look Homeward Angel. At least if I lost something there, I might stand a chance of finding it.

Can you imagine misplacing your glasses in a twenty-something story house? I wouldn’t even be able to find the car in the garage!

I would like the snowflake lounge or whatever it’s called. Every house should have one. But it would be hard to drive past the beggars in the street, wouldn’t it?

Who occupies Biltmore house?

When you are that rich, you develop* needs * that we pesants can possibly concieve.

No, I imagine the people who have houses like this built for them have no problem whatsoever driving past beggars in the street.

Because their companies have created more wealth, kept more people out of poverty, and made more of a positive difference to society than “philanthropists” could ever dream of?

Out of everyone in society, people who have truly earned their wealth by founding and/or expanding companies have the least reason to feel somehow guilty passing by beggars in the street.

EDIT: He should, however, feel guilty for constructing that hideously ugly building.

Note that house has helicopter pads on the roof. That rather elegantly avoids the problem of driving past the beggars.

(And I imagine the 6 floors of parking spaces are for guests and staff, not just for the ground transportation of the family).