Costs of Diabetes Treatments

I would like to know about how much an uninsured person would have to pay per month for treatment for type II diabetes, because that may be my situation in the near future and I need to try to plan for it.

Wildly varible. Not sure what my metformin costs offhand, I think it works out to $40ish for 60 500mg tabs for the month[except being a naval dependant I get it for free, that cost is for what I paid for the first prescription - the endo phoned it to cvs instead of the dispensary on base by accident], my byetta pen is 30 days of doses and is $250 per pen. Other meds have different costs. Frequently the community has resources to defray the costs, and drug companies frequently have cost control programs for people without insurance.

Start controlling your diet NOW, add some exercise, get involved in a diabetic support group for tips on controlling your blood glucose and you may stave it off for a while.

If you’re lucky enough to be able to control your diabetes with diet and exercise (like me, for now), then you might just have to pay for the test strips for your glucose meter. A quick check showed a price range of about $25 - 40 for 50 strips. Of course, it depends on how often you need to test your blood. I only need to test a few times per week now, but when I was initially diagnosed I had to test about 5 times a day for a couple of weeks.

Oh, yeah…re: the testing meters themselves…you can basically get one of those for free.

I’m telling ya…if you can get a grip on it now by watching what you eat and getting out there and doing something as simple as walking, then you really, really need to get to it.

Good luck.

Try to get into the ACCORD study, if they’re still accepting people. I get the study-related meds free, though I still have to pay a few hundred dollars a month for the meds that aren’t study-related. But see if you can manage it with diet & exercise. Yeah, being uninsured is a bitch.

You could become a foreign resident in the UK - then the much maligned NHS will pay for all your care :slight_smile:

Is this about to become your situation because you are developing diabetes, or because you are losing insurance? If you are losing insurance, a) avoid that if at all possible, of course, but b) your Explanation of Benefits forms from your insurance will probably itemize what you paid and what the insurance company paid, and perhaps usual, customary and reasonable rates on all your claims. That will give you some idea, although the insurance company may have some negotiated discounts.

I’m probably approaching this backward, but thought I’d throw this out there.