Costumed drummer is far overqualified for his job

00:18 is when the video starts to get fun.

I sincerely hope there was a fan in that costume. The calories s/he was burning would be turning that thing into a sauna.

Thanks for sharing!

Heh. Kind of reminded me of this one (also a drummer):

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00:18 is when the video starts to get fun.


That moment when the cocaine hits the system!

That totally fucking rocked a week ago and it totally fucking rocks today!

Shows you how desperate session musicians can get looking for gigs.

They won’t see your face, but you’ll see your pay.

The lady never reacts to the drummer ripping loose. I guess he does that every performance.

That’s not a song that particularly needs that frantic drumming.

But, a gigs a gig and musicians take what they can get.

I bet there’s a punk rocker with mohawk, face piercings, and tats in that costume. :smiley:

For anyone else curious, like me, as to “what the heck is this?” … here’s more info on Nyango Star.

Aah, the apple cat - has this just hit some feed aggregator or something, because it’s not that new. Even has his own channel. My favourite is the Babymetal one.

I truly love his name.

I assume the Ringo Star pun is obvious, but it runs deeper than merely a soundalike.

He is a cat apple.

‘Nyan’ is onomatopoeia for the sound a cat makes, and (as such things often are) often used in cat names, or as generic references to cats. (If you can’t trust me on that, who can you trust?) So, that’s where that part of his name comes from.

‘Apple’ in Japanese? ‘Ringo’.

Seems to play a lot better in this, too. It has a more effortless quality, rather than seeming like he’s barely keeping up. Plus they stay in sync–though I blame that more on acoustics.