Cotton Candy Shelf Life

Hi all,
I;m wondering how long cotton candy will keep its shape and taste in a store wile in a normal plastic bag, which would be either heat sealed or "twist tied’ air tight…



Cotton candy is nothing more than sugar and a little coloring.
If packaged and sealed in a DRY atmosphere it should keep at least a week or two and perhaps up to a month. Most plastic films will transpire a little moisture which is the enemy of cotton candy.

Moisture is the nemesis of cotton candy. Heat sealing in an impermiable plastic plastic bag would probably give a shelf life of 4-6 weeks, as with these ‘FLUFFL’ tubs. Still, you’d still have the problem of passers-by mashing the bags and wrecking the stuff. I doubt that twist ties would would give you a good enough seal.

This link won’t help you much, but I liked what it had to say:

So I hit the reply button, close the window, and up pops another window with lots of cotton candy bags, containers and closures.
Here it is.