cougar58 has been banned II

I don’t know why the ban announcement is locked , but it has been my understanding that this is the forum for mod criticism. If not, please redirect.

cougar58 has been quite passionate about her concern for the dangers that pitbulls pose to society. Apparently she has stuck close to this topic and despite a long torrent of abuse from fellow posters she tenaciously has stood her ground

First, the charge that she’s only posting about pit bulls is bullshit. A quick review of her posting history makes that very clear .

Obsessive posting on one topic when it is her own thread ? Give me a break.

And just which poster did she wish death on? That charge is so over the top it makes me want to explode. No court of law could draw that conclusion. This banning is totally unnecessary and frankly, I can only believe that Marley23 is a bully.

I suspect that several of the pro pitbull breed posters who are unable to silence cougar58 have complained enough times to irritate this mod.

They got there wish and now can freely shit on cougar’s thread. It used to be that mods would lock a banned poster’s thread to prevent this sort of thing.

Disgusting !

Is this a joke? Please tell me this is a joke…

ETA: Had a worse idea: someone else (who could it be?) is using Flying Dutchman’s account. FD has been here since 2000 and should know how things work around here.

Reported due to the above.

I agree. It was hardly “wishing death on a poster”. Not even close.

Well, she was advocating poisoning people’s dogs. I didn’t have too much interaction with her, but damn. She knows Xyletol is a sneaky poison for dogs (it causes liver failure), and she knowingly advocated hiding it in a ground beef patty in the owner’s yard to kill the dog. That’s all sorts of morally and legally wrong.

She wished nutters (i.e.: everyone who has been defending Pit Bulls in that thread) would go hang themselves.

Are you kidding me?

No, she wished everyone who owns a pitbull, which coincidentally includes some people here, would go hang themselves.

It’s like the difference between saying “I wish everyone in Congress would die, they’re all terrible” and actually emailing a death threat to Nancy Pelosi.

I have had people on here wish death on me due to the fact that I belong to a subset of the population. That is allowed as long as it’s not at a specific poster.

Disclaimer: I’m a dog lover, including Pit Bulls. I’ve met several, mostly in public places, and I’ve invariably found them to be way high among the friendly lovable breeds. Granted, they are strong and solidly built and sometimes like to play rough; I wonder if a lot of people may be misinterpreting that.

That said . . .

I can’t quite see that any one of her posts was individually banworthy, but enough of them were seriously obnoxious enough that they became cumulatively banworthy.

We can’t really knock her for posting obsessively about Pit Bulls because, as noted, she kept it mostly confined to one thread, in which that was the thread topic. And, to be sure, the Pit is specifically defined as the place to be obnoxious.

We can’t really knock her (too much, to banworthy levels) for generically wishing death on Pit Bull owners. There was no specific person, on or off this board, targeted.

Her suggestion of poisoning dogs really pushes, if not exceeds, the limit. She advocated proactively poisoning dogs, even in the dogs’ own yards. That wasn’t at all the same as killing Pit Bulls as self defense during an imminent or on-going attack. Pre-emptive killing of Pit Bulls, I’m sure, was not the situation that was tested in court in all those cases she cited.

Okay, that alone might have been good for a stern warning. But I’m sure the mods’ real reason for banning her was the cumulative sum of all that.

Too bad. Or not.

Seriously, what the fuck are you on about?

As for the OP, I am of two minds. I posted a bit on there against Pitbulls and was met with absurd derision from unfounded hatred to drunkeness & not being a native speaker (?) – that in despite of the facts backing my posts.

Now, it isn’t the first time I get into a Pitbull discussion, and I am well aware they (owners) are a very tight bunch – untill they become the victims, which happens quite often.

That said, I though cougar58 skated the line between facts and sheer hatred quite a few times. And while I agreed in the main with what she said – specially facts – I wasn’t quite in agreement with her insults to owners nor her bizarre death-wishes for the breed…including poison recipes. Much too nasty.

Not happy to see her go, but honestly, it was earned.

Except I don’t own any dog.

Banning people for ‘wishing death on someone’… HAHAHAAA! That is some superstitious dumb shit right there, boy. Haha, “wishing death” HAHAHAAAA!

I am of two minds about this, but was there ample warning and maybe a suspension? Sure, she was considered by some to be pretty mono-maniacal, but she also made some good points.

Here is the announcement:

She had already been suspended in August for a string of jerky behavior.

While the “wished death” line was a bit thin, her overall behavior pattern was jerkish.

I suspect that BigT found it odd that The Flying Dutchman seemed unaware of the fact that ban announcements are always locked, despite having been here since 2000. And that is rather strange.

Also, he thinks that **Marley23 **is a bully, and nobody who has been here any length of time could possibly believe that.

Yeah, Marley banned everyone only once.

If you’re going to call people bullies, you should at least take the time to make sure you’re accusing the right person. None of cougar’s many warnings were issued by Marley. The warning for wishing death on other posters came from me, not Marley. I was also the one who brought up the issue of banning to the rest of the mods. Marley processed the ban and posted about it in ATMB because he happened to be online when we reached a consensus on the ban - which was unanimous.

I think it may also involve a naive belief that the hackers have nothing better to do than log in as one of us to complain about moderator actions.