*cough* *cough*

Oh, bugger.

Thursday I was about seven feet away from some kid who was coughing up a lung. Saturday I started coughing. Today I definitely have a cold. I don’t have time for this, dammit. :mad:

I took a couple of rather old Sudafed (the red ones) and some Day-Quil. I should be drinking water, but I like coffee better. I’ve had a bowl of ‘picante’ menudo, and I think I’ll have another. Maybe I’ll squirt some Afrin up my nose, and take some zinc.

If I seem incoherent today, or unresponsive, it’s the cold.

I think I have RSV.

It set in just as the food poisoning was clearing up.
I have been sick all year.
I wonder if I could build a battery powered mister and carry it like a back pack, and spend the rest of my life in a fog of atomized Chlorox??

From the link in this thread, If you wait until 2024 there will be a cure for the cold.

Ugh, Johnny, I know your pain. <cough cough>

Sunrise At Campobello (1960) just started. A bunch of people having fun on a sailboat and not having colds. Bastards. I hate them.

My wife just got over a bout with something similar, but she ended up on antibiotics for four days. If you’ve got a fever, you probably ought to see a doc.

No fever to speak of. Just a little warm. I took some more zinc, a couple of vitamin C, and roomie gave me a couple of Gummi Vites. Afrin up the nose, a whole can of menudo in my belly. (It took a while. That’s a lot of soup.) Oh, and a swig of Day-Quil. Not feeling quite so bad now.

Boy, if a whole can of menudo doesn’t make you wish for death, nothing will!:stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously, I just talked to my hubby; he almost never gets sick, but he’s sick now. When we talked on Friday, he said he thought he was coming down with something. Now his throat hurts terribly, his chest is dreadfully congested, and he’s coughing like a fiend. He’s taking mega-doses of Vit. C and zinc, drinking gallons of hot tea with honey, and taking ibuprofen for the inflammation that’s making his throat hurt.

I advised him to get some Mucinex to help break up the chest congestion, and he said he’d run to a local store in a little while (he works out of town, or else I’d be taking care of him!) and get some; I told him while he’s out anyway, to pick up a bottle of Seagram’s Dark Honey, which is a bourbon/honey blend, and add a shot to his cup of tea at bed time!

I hope you feel better soon, Johnny!


Slept for a couple of hours. Roomie made a sympathy face at me. Her cat is sleeping in the crook of my knees, which is helping to keep me warm. She suggested I take some Mucinex, which, amazingly, I have. Where the hell did that come from?

Called my boss and told her I’ll be working from home tomorrow. Also told her I took care of a couple of files that came in. ‘Why did you do those today?’ Because I didn’t want to do them tomorrow.

Roomie went to the corner market and bought some spinach salad and surimi salad. We have a pizza in the freezer. I’m not hungry.

From the title I thought you’d somehow invented an online hernia check for male Dopers. And I wanted to watch. :frowning:

Carry on.

Well, I woke up drenched in sweat. So I guess I’m cured.

I hope you’re better!

I had this about two weeks ago and the cough has lingered far too long.

I had a similar thing a couple of weeks ago. Ended up going to the doc for antibiotics because I suspected I had a sinus infection. Felt tons better after the antibiotics, but I was miserable for a week before I got them.

It’s been going around here at work. Everyone here has had their flu shot, but this sure feels like the flu. About half of us end up on antibiotics for bronchitis or sinusitis.

That’s usually a good sign! Hope you’re on the down-side of it now. :slight_smile:

I feel well enough I’m tempted to hunt that kid down and give him a poke in the snot locker.

Give the little shit a swat for me too. I know he didn’t give me this galloping crud, but I can’t very well go into my son’s day care with fists a-flying, now can I?