Cough drops

I trying to find out if a certain kind of cough drop or throat lozenge is still on the market. I’m afraid I don’t remember the name, or how it was marketed.

It was brown, and came in a blister pack. The most salient point was that it tasted absolutely vile. Most people would agree that it was the nastiest-tasting thing they had ever had. But if you could stand to keep it in your mouth, it would stop a cough when nothing else would.

If this rings a bell with anybody, I would appreciate any information about it.

Did it make your tongue numb? I remember Cepacol came in a blister pack (a similar product, Chloraseptic lozenges, came in a tin).

Was it a lozenge with cetylpyridinium like cepacol maybe? That also has benzocaine, which works well.

Both Chloraseptic and Cepacol lozenges come in blister packs, and the honey flavors are brownish. The packaging is more brown, but I think of the lozenges themselves as more yellow.

My Mom recommended one or the other to me when I had a bad sore throat last month. Whichever it was, they were vile, but fairly effective. I switched to Hall’s Fruit Breezers Creamy Strawberry, which have no real effect, but taste like candy.

Buckley’s “It tastes awful. And it works.”

Sucrets is another older brand of cough drops that came in a blister pack inside a tin. I think now they sell them in the blister pack in a cardboard box. Shame. Those Sucrets tins were so very useful, and didn’t reek of peppermint (I’m looking at you, Altoids!)

But I’ve never met a cough drop that tasted nearly as bad as good ol’ horehound drops, which are usually dark brown. Is it possible that you had horehound drops from someone who was packaging them in a blister pack? I’ve never seen them packaged that way, but if you want a nasty tasting, effective cough suppressant, horehound’s your pick.

Horehound! That was what I kept picturing (that white and brown package) when I was trying to think of an awful lozenge. Don’t people actually eat those as “candy”?

Sounds like Ricola. Rikola. Don’t remember how it’s spelled.

Anyone remember N’Ice? It’s slickery!

I doubt it. Ricola has only been available in the US since the 80s, and has never been packaged in a blister pack in the US.