(Cough) R.I.P. (hack), Marlborough Man! (wheeze)

Died of lung disease, of course.


from the link:

Did they leave good looking corpses?

Lawson was also survived by six children, 18 grandchildren and 11 great-grandchildren.

It wasn’t the smokes that killed him --------- it was lack of sleep! :slight_smile:

Evil bastard tobacco hawkers. Killed him and millions of others.

Marlborough was originally a woman’s cigarette brand (most men’s brands like Lucky Strike and Camels didn’t have filters). Then when the connection to lung cancer could no longer be ignored, Phillip Morris pitched the brand to men, but had to butch up its image to distance it from its origins.

My point being: he was as much a victim of his culture’s fragile male egotism as its nicotine addiction

Thank you for Smoking covers this issue well; the tobacco company in that case pays off their dying spokesman because he needs money for his medical care, even though he wants to go public with all the information he has about the harm tobacco causes, and how the marketing campaign was organized.