Could a human + gorilla/chimp/great ape mate and reproduce?

Wolves and Cyoties can have sex and produce mixed ofsrpring.

Horses and donkies and Ponys, ect. can mate.

All sorts of differnet snakes can… dogs… cats…

And I heard that a chimp is > 95% biologicly the same DNA as a human being.

So would it be possible? Proabably I am thinking fertilization could happen but a misscarage would occur. But even so, is fertilization of the egg from a chimp sperm or vice versa possible?

Not that anyone should go out and try it casue thats where aids came from right? Not to mention its sugested in the old testiment that anyone who did such be put to death. But was that just to prevent from monkey men from running around!!!

This sort of thing has been asked before. Here is a link to a previous thread, hope it contains what you need.


To summarize the many previous threads on this subject, based on present knowledge it’s impossible to know whether a human-chimp hybrid could be created. A fertile hybrid would be unlikely due to different chromosome numbers; however, other species which differ in chromosome number, and other species which are much more distantly related than humans and chimps, have produced fertile hybrids. There are no theoretical grounds on which to predict in advance whether or not a infertile human-chimp hybrid would be possible, at least without much more detailed analyses of the genomes and knowledge of developmental processes in both species.

Ask Jane Goodall, she might know … :wink:

I think you may have misinterpreted your friend’s suggestion of ‘hot monkey sex’, shame on you.