Could a member of the British Royal Family become a barrister?

…or a solicitor, or even a judge?

The military has always been a career option for British royals; it seems most have medals dripping off of them on state occasions by the time they’re out of diapers. Prince Edward, Earl of Wessex, is making a career as a film producer/communications consultant, I believe. Others focus on public appearances and good works, or just dabble in this or that.

What if Prince Harry decides, after his Army career, to study for the bar? Is there any constitutional impediment to him becoming a barrister, a solicitor or, in time, a judge? Could he do one but not one of the others? The Law Lords are given life peerages; could Prince Harry study for and pass the bar, and in time serve either as a Law Lord or a non-noble judge?

An interesting question, the answer to which I can only guess.

There’s clearly nothing preventing members of the Royal Family from gaining professional qualifications - HRH the Duke of Gloucester is an architect. So I suppose that Prince Harry could enrol for and attempt the required law/bar exams. Whether he’d pass them is another matter of course. He’s rumoured to be somewhat thick.

Once “called to the bar”, barristers are also “officers of the court” (or they are in NSW anyway). I’m not sure whether this would cause any sort of conflict. Presumably it could if Prince Harry actually bcame the monarch. Otherwise, if members of the Royal Family can serve in HM’s armed forces then I can’t see why they couldn’t work in HM’s courts.

I’d say it’s likely that he’ll be granted an hereditary peerage when he marries.

I don’t see why a Royal couldn’t be a barrister, but just having a peerage doesn’t entitle one to sit as a Law Lord - one must first hold high judicial office.

And…just because some watery tart hurls a scimitar at you, that doesn’t make you king

other than the inbreeding, the generally low intelligence, and the fact that with the very best tutors that a lot of money can buy, they have to work hard to get ‘C’ grades.

Supreme executive power derives from a mandate from the masses, not from some farcical aquatic ceremony. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, putting aside the disbelief that any of the Royals could pass muster as a barrister…

I don’t believe there’s any impediment to Harry, or anyone else, becoming a solicitor/barrister/judge. Why would there be? In fact, arguably the training might come in handy for someone such as William who will eventually take the throne.

If Al Qaeda drops a bomb on Buck House and Harry’s the only one left standing to assume the Crown, then he’d simply give up his job as Judge. Being King, after all, is apparently a fulltime job.

Young princelings tend to join the Army because it keeps them out of trouble, and they’re none too fussy about qualifications. Edward’s had no end of scandalous press about his poor business record, whereas if he’d stayed put in the Royal Marines I doubt we’d have heard of anything more scandalous than a few too many drinks with the boys at a lap dancing club.

It makes particular sense for any future monarch to get a uniform - if, one day, men are sent to die in your name, then it’s looks better if you’re ‘one of them’ and have done your bit, if only from behind a desk.

Would there not be a potential conflict of interest if Harry were to become a defence barrister?

Criminal cases tried in the UK are “Crown vs Bloggs” or “Regina vs Bloggs”

Harry would therefore be arguing against his mother (ie. the Crown) in a professional setting.

Just thinkin’ aloud, sort of thing… no idea if it’s an issue or not!

Harry is absolutely adamant that he wants to serve on the front line with the rest of his unit.

Many people have pointed out that this will never happen - Harry is too high-profile as a target, and would put the rest of his unit in much more danger.

But on a personal level, Harry genuinely doesn’t want to be seen as a “lazy royal” and is quite prepared to take up arms against the enemy.

That’s not a problem: the Crown is a sort of corporate entity, that all subjects of Her Majesty owe loyalty equally. I don’t think that there would be any conflict of interest because you were a close relation.

Since Her Majesty is sovereign of many separate dominions, it is possible for the Crown to sue the Crown, for example The Commonwealth v Western Australia (1999) 73 ALJR 345, which is the Crown in right of the Commonwealth of Australia suing the Crown in right of the state of Western Australia, i.e., the Queen suing herself in a different capacity. If she can sue herself without conflict of interest, what would be the problem with Prince Harry defending a client being prosecuted by the Crown?

I am a barrister (and a solicitor, given the fused profession in my jurisdiction). When we enter a court, we bow to the coat of arms of the Queen of England to show obedience to her as the source of the law. It would be curious but not bizarre for someone in line to the throne to do the same thing.

Got a cite for that, or was it just you vomiting your prejudices into a GQ thread?
“B” in art, “D” in geography = “C” average.

Sure, I can just see a law school falling over themselves to admit him with those grades.

This seems to be par for royals. Prince Edward got a “C” and two "D"s
I admire them in many ways, but not for their brains.

My father was a contemporary of Prince Charles at university… it was common knowledge that Charles was well out of his depth in that environment.

Actually, you’d bow to the coat of arms of the Queen of Australia, wouldn’t you? The same human being, but a different legal entity.

Nitpick: grandmother

Quite right, well spotted!

Let’s assume Her Maj pops her clogs and it’s Charlie Boy on the throne - not sure it makes a difference though. :slight_smile:

But everybody knows the Royal family are not academic. :rolleyes: Despite (as Peter Morris said) private tuition, entry to any school they choose and no time-wasting requirement to earn a living…

“When he returned to Gordonstoun for his final year, The Prince of Wales was appointed school guardian (head boy). The Prince, who had already passed six O Levels, took his A Levels in July 1967, the first Heir to The Throne to take such examinations. He was awarded a grade B in history and a C in French, together with a distinction in an optional special history paper.”

Gosh 6 O levels and a B+C at A level. :smack:

I got 8 O levels and A+C+D at A level. Then I could apply to University…

“The Prince went to Cambridge University in 1967 to read archaeology and anthropology at Trinity College.”

The standard requirement for entry to Cambridge (or Oxford, the two UK equivalents to Harvard and Yale) is A+A+A.
Because he’s a Royal, Charles waltzes in.

I expect the Royals could be ‘accepted’ for any career. It’s terribly good publicity for a firm that employs them, don’t you know?

He should. It will give him a whole new perspective which will be useful should he ever become King.

Sure, I bet this unit will the thrilled… can you imagine the propaganda coup in Iraq if the freedom fighters over there captured Harry???

You’ll have every fighter in the country after him, and his mates will be in the firing line.

Not gonna happen any time soon, I’m afraid.