Could a MiG-29k take off from a Nimitz class carrier?

…the operative bit being that the 29k is the naval variant.

To be more specific, I know it’s designed to be able to take off from aircraft carriers that have a “ski jump” ramp, without a catapault (the Kuznetsov in the past, and the Vikramaditya in a few years).

But I don’t know if it can be launched with a catapault, but no ski-jump, without modifying the design (which I’m guessing would be somewhat more complicated than, say, screwing a trailer hitch on the back of one’s car).

I’m guessing it can’t, but I thought I’d check, just to be sure—maybe someone knows something I don’t.

Sure it can. The link you provided above states that the Admiral Gorshkov has been sold to India, and has been modified with a catapult to handle MiG 29k aircraft. If it can launch from that ship, it can launch from a Nimitz-class ship. (Assuming there are no massive differences between the launch mechanisms. Some mods might have to be done to the forward landing gear, but I thinks that’s about all.)

Eh? Well that’s odd…I hadn’t checked that particular article that thoroughly, that’s the first I’ve heard of the Vikramaditya having catapults. Most of what I’ve read says that it won’t.

(Heh—just checking up on that, apparently a month or two back, there was an uncomfirmed report that India had asked Boeing if a Super Hornet could take off from the carrier ski-jump, sans catapult—and that it simulations showed it could, with a useful load! Probably just rumors…though the thought of India operating MiG-29s, Harriers, and F/A-18s off a former Soviet carrier is sure a riot. Welcome to the 21st century, eh?)

Something like the last mission of F22 Interceptor on the Megadrive/Genesis :smiley:

…possibly with avionics upgrades from the Israelis, who are the second-leading supplier of arms to India.

As long as the nose gear can take the stress. Older jets didn’t have the towbar mechanism built into the aircraft and would use a bridle setup which would fall off and be recovered via net. Check Wiki description.