Could Acorn Be Prosecuted Under the RICO Act?

Just in from California: Acorn has been dumping and destroyig internal memos (which expose the corrupt and dishonest practices of Acorn). Calfornia AG Jerry Brown thinks that evidence found in the trash is not admissable (it is). It is clear that Brown doesn’t want to investigate, but he may have to.
My question: could a special prosecutor be appointed, and use RICO to get at the heart of the corruption?

Well, RICO was a tool in the fight against anti-abortion groups, so part of me wants to chortle and say how funny it would be to see it also misused against ACORN.

But no. RICO’s predicate acts were never intended to be an all-encompassing panacea against any group doing anything distasteful. Unless ACORN’s activities truly include rackteering or extortion, a possibility I regard as pretty remote, I don’t think RICO is appropriate.

You have proof of this, or is it just speculation on the part of those you believe?
In either case, how about a little linkage here so’s folk can determine exactly what it is you’re going on about?

Given the political nature of the OP, this is better handled in GD than GQ.

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Conservative witch hunt continues. More News at 11.

Translation: You can’t hurt ACORN, they’re on the good guys’s side!

Please tell me the crime they have committed. Then we can discuss it. The repubs are just trying to send a message to people who work with the poor. They will do whatever it takes ,to keep power. Vote suppression is a repub tactic. Don’t mess with them.

Actual translation: Acorn hasn’t done anything wrong, but for some reason conservatives really, really want it to be sinister.

Acorn = Diebold.

Well, we could nuke em. That’d hurt, and cement our reputation for insane barbarism.

There were never any leading Democrats calling for a nation-wide investigation of Diebold.

Could you provide a summary of your legal opinion as to why the Attorney General is incorrect and the materials are admissible?

Oh I agree that the Republicans are the bad guys in this instance. I’m just saying that the ignorant, angry children that comprise the Republican party now want to have a Diebold issue to tit-for-tat the issues that Democrats have had during the last administration.

RICO does not fit in ACORN. The whole idea is to come down on the Mafia and organized crime. ACORN was not a profit making enterprise . It did not extort . It would be a misuse and inappropriate.

I doubt the OP will be back to support his premise, and in an initial search, I couldn’t find any recent media posts referencing the OP’s assertions. In an effort to get some kind of debate going, therefore, here is a (IMO) very well-written article discussing how the combination of right-wing “opinion entrepreneurs” and slipshod reporting by the media have cemented the idea of an ACORN conspiracy in the public mind.

As some of us know, these issues have a rather tenuous factual basis but have been hyped beyond belief by persons with a clear agenda to suppress community organizations, with ACORN a particular target due to its size. To the media’s shame, it has done next to no actual investigation of these issues, apparently preferring instead to repeat the right-wing allegations without much in the way of context or fact-checking. Given the appalling quality of reporting on the subject, it is understandable that the OP would have the notion that there is some sort of enormous conspiracy going on within the organization.

*Orange County Register *editorial. Choice highlights…

Andrew Breitbart. Mmmm, yes.

Lest anyone think he has an agenda…

Meanwhile, back on Derange County…

Thats his name. Derrick Roach. I am not making this up! “According to him” being the operative words.

The money quote:

Right. The CA AG is investigating an incident that occured in…Massachussets? And its suspicious because it happened a mere six days before the “raid”.


Concurring with Squink: Or they could just be old files. Even ACORN is allowed to throw stuff in the garbage. But maybe you, ralph124c, know something more? Why don’t you share with us? I’d hate for you to get a reputation for hysterical slander.

OT: Diebold is selling its voting machine division, so at least we won’t have to hear about that anymore.

That depends, of course, on whom they’re selling it to.

You sound like you read these memos prior to their destruction. What did they say exactly?

Probably ralph was just sharing his own experience of the law. We shouldn’t actually press for any sort of concrete legal citation uner these circumstances.