Could France Enforce a Libyan "No Fly Zone" By Itself?

I don’t see why not-France has a modern navy with a well equipped aircraft carrier. Its Mirage fighter-bomber jets would make mincemeat of any Libyan fighter that dared to challenge them. Plus, France has the ability to land troops in Libya-how many would you need to make Ghadafi drop things-maybe 20,000?
It would be interesting to see such an intervention, now that Sarkozy has recognized the rebels as the legitimate government.
What do you say?

If I’m not mistaken, France has some air base in Chad. I dont think it really needs a carrier to use its planes. I would think that the French gov wouldnt want to go into this alone. More as a matter of gathering enough diplomatic strength than because of a lack of military might.

The Arab League unanimously backed a no fly zone. It may be too late.