Could I be a technical writer?

I’m currently an editor. BA English/Journalism, MA in comparative lit (lot of help that one was).

I’m an editor who doesn’t really get to edit much, and I’m bored and looking for something that pays better. Many many job ops for technical writers. Editors, not so much.

Most of them want a BA, not necessarily in tech writing (but some of them want that) and at least a couple of years of experience. A friend of mine does it and told me I wouldn’t like it–it’s boring (she hates her job). But I don’t mind being bored if the pay is good. It’s not like being an editor of technical legal stuff is a thrill a minute, anyway, although the occasional instance of telling lawyers they are wrong is kinda fun.

I know there are tech writers in here. There’s probably even a thread. What could I do to get into this field?

Check out
I have been a member since the mid nineties. A lot of good data about pay, contracting and technology as well as writing.

I don’t know, once I left a great paying job, out of sheer boredom. You’d be surprised how quickly it can drag on you.

There are lots of different kinds of technical writing: are you talking about IT? If so, how good are your computer skills? If you learn software applications quickly, and if you’re good at interviewing people – all personality types – to get information that you need, you could be a good tech writer. I recommend looking for an entry-level job that requires less than 2 years of experience. You might be able to get some credit for your editing experience, but legal editing has very little to do with (IT) technical writing. Oh, and having an MA won’t matter one tiny little bit, especially with no related experience. I have 12 years of related experience and even my MA (in Professional Writing & Editing) doesn’t matter one tiny little bit. :slight_smile: