Could I get that quarter out from under your pointy boot? I just got to have one more snack cracker

I’m here lamenting the uselessness of two $20 tickets to go see Southern Culture on the Skids at Alex’s Bar in Long Beach later tonight. Dirt track date, baby. Demolition derby starts at eight. Yeah, they don’t seem to actually be in town, and the bar is kind of shut down anyway for the time being. Not going to ask for my money back. They only come our way once a year or so, on their way back from a tour overseas. They’re a Carolina band and mostly play out that way, but they have been cruising through for over 30 years. Ma’s and My favorite band. Trailer trash rock really. They make me want to walk like a camel. Oh, little Debby, little Debby.

Googled the name. These guys?

Looks like a lot of fun. They really pass out banana pudding!

They are hilarious, and a lot of fun. They persist on playing the Continental Clubs in both Houston and Austin. The Club in Houston makes up for terrible acoustics by being insanely loud.

Still, too bad you can’t go. They are a blast. The show we went to, they dragged a pretty big fan onto the stage, and she sang ‘House of Bamboo.’ Squeeeeeee. She did great.

One of my favorite bands - seen them many a time, own most of their stuff.

And my neighbor DOES burn trash!

Just wait 'til they bust out the 8 Piece Box!

Love these guys; met them in between sets in Annapolis a bunch of years ago. Super nice folks and an awesome time. Rick is one tall dude!

I’ve seen SCOTS several times. Ate KFC at one show that I brought and shared. Good times.

I’m from Canada and they’ve made their way up here a few times. One of the best live bands I’ve ever seen. They’ve always made sure to bring an eight piece box of KFC on stage along with a bunch of girls to eat chicken and sing along.

So much fun. Liquor Up and Lacquer Down!

Eight piece box going the way of the coronavirused dodo. Doubt if they’ll be throwing chicken the next time they come through.