Could I have a bot on my Mac, and what if another computer with a bot is using the same Wifi?

I have the idiot Constant Guard from Comcast. It is saying one or more computers on my network has a bot. If it is one, I think it is a crappy old Windows laptop that one of my family members is using. Working on cleaning that up right now with Spybot Search and Destroy.

But is it possible for a bot to by on my Mac? The notice has seemed to pop up when I visited Don’t know if that’s a coincidence or what.

And if the laptop really has a bot on it, could it do anything to my computer if we are on the same Wifi?

Sorry for the dumb questions!

There’s essentially zero chance of a bot on the Mac, and an excellent chance of one on a Wndows machine. So, run Clam or Malwarebytes on the Windows machine first, and see what you find.

You would be surprised how many people have problems with a virus on a Mac.
However, how they can be so stupid of getting it on a Mac is another thing and even after they paid me for removing the crap from it, these Mac users still believe that Mac’s are infallible.

But said that… check that Windows Laptop… it’s just easier to get crap on that.
Alternatively, check your phones or some neighbor might be using your internet.