Could I Have a Bronze Custom Car?

Perennial cheapskate that I am, I’d like to have a car made not from steel, but bronze! As we all know, steel cars eventually rust out…so , could I call up Ford or GM and have a Bronze one custom made? I’ll just buy sheets of bronze, and have them shipped to the Fisher Body plant-have the foreman stop the presses for a while, and have my hood, fenders, rear deck, etc. stamped out of bronze. Then I take my parts to the assemblt line, and have the body welded together…then they just installmy engine, paint it, and I’m on my way!
Can this be done? How much would GM charge me for a custom bronze car? Would stopping/restarting the assembly line cost a lot of money?
I know there are aluminum -body cars now available (like the AUDI A8), but I’m not enamoredof AUDIS-I’d much prefer a Crown Vic or Buick in bronze.
Is this a poissibility? How lonf would my bronze -body car last?