Could I Replace My Skull With One Made Of Titanium?

Just wondering if it is possible to change your skull with something more solid - like titanium or other similar type of substance?

Perhaps in sections?

Could the skin be pulled back on to allow for hair growth?

I’m going to jump in on this thread early to correct what I think may be a bad idea on your part. You seem to be under the misapprehension that human bone is some sort of dead soft rocky substance. And that’s not true. It is made of mineralized collagen – fed well with blood vessels. Bone responds to circulating hormones, constantly building and dissolving and rebuilding itself. Look at the picture in Wikipedia: You’re not going to get that sort of structure microfabricated in metal. And you won’t get it constantly rebuilt, which is how the body responds to changing stress on the structure to prevent breaks or repair micro-stresses before they actually become fractures.

It’s certainly possible to replace portions of a skull, and is it done for accident victims who lose portions of their skull, but replacing the entire skull would probably not be practical due to the number of blood vessels and nerves that run through certain portions of it. Also, your ears are mounted in your skull, so replacing that portion without leaving you deaf will be a trick. “Skull plates” are usually for portions covering the brain itself, the bits making up the face and interacting with the top of the spinal cord are a bit more complicated.

It’s not exactly relevant but I was irresistibly reminded of this: From The Mauritius Command, Patrick O’Brian