Could marijuana replace other drugs?

This is a question for illegal drug users and those who work with them.
I used to smole pot, and enjoyed it, but I don’t now because of random testing at work. I’ve tried most other drugs, but actually prefer pot.
What I wonder is if pot were legal, and not too expensive, would some users of other (still illegal) drugs switch to pot and leave their drug of choice alone?
I’ve known a two heroin users who’ve quit, but still use pot. One of them for many years.
So, would you forsake your favorite drug for legal marijuana?
BTW; I realize that the effects of different drugs vary greatly. That’s not germane to this particular question.

I only smoked pot a couple of times. I loved it, but I haven’t been able to recently, because my parents have run a tight ship in my house of late–tough to get out of the house for long enough that I know I’ll come back sober and clean-smelling.

I would definitely smoke it if it were legal. I wouldn’t give up nitrous, though (whether or not it’s legal varies from state to state, but whatever).

You sure you’re not smoling it anymore? :smiley:

BTW, opiates and cannibinoids are somewhat similar in effects (although heroin is on a bit of a different level), so it might be more likely/easy for (say) a heroin addict to switch to pot than for (say) a meth addict to do the same.

Also, a lot of people use weed and other drugs, so for them this question is not as much “would you switch” as “would you give up one/some of your drugs if it meant you could be totally law-abiding”. Carry on.

First off I am a regular pot smoker. Many people who meet this are surprised when I admit that I smoke pot everyday. I guess its because I don’t act like the typical stoners that people run into everyday.

I dabble in cocaine every now and then. More like 4-5 times a year. Would I give up cocaine for pot? No. They are two totally different highs and I do both drugs for different effects.

I’ve been told that pot takes the edge off for someone accustomed to the speedy stuff who is quitting. I can’t vouch for that though. I did quit drinking while I continued to smoke, but that was because I figured I was wasting good pot money on alcohol.
I’m no longer suprised by atypical stoners. In fact, I’d say the “typical” stoner is in the minority.

I’d have to agree (although a lot of stoners say they can tell if someone’s a stoner the first time they meet them–I haven’t acquired this yet, but then again I’m not a regular stoner).

I’m a typical stoner when I’m stoned. Not sure if that counts.

This question has already been answered in real life. In Holland. When the Dutch decriminalized marijuana in the '70s, there was a sharp spike in use for a little while as many people experimented, but it returned to normal levels over time.

You’ll often see reports from anti-drug sites claiming that the rate of marijuana use among the Dutch is higher than that of the U.S. You’ll also see pro-drug sites claiming the exact opposite. Both are right, but both are also misleading. Among the fickle users and experimenters, different drugs tend to fade in and out of popularity. The drug that’s popular now in the U.S. might not be big in the Netherlands for another few years - or vice versa. So some years, U.S. usage rates of illegal marijuana are higher than Dutch rates of decriminalized marijuana, and other years, the opposite.

People on each side of the debate cherry-pick their data from whichever year is most suitable to the conclusion they wish to draw.

Well, can’t say that I’d quit drinking, but I’d definitely cut waaaaay back on the alcohol consumption if cannabis were legal.

I would probably have less need for prescription drugs to control my chronic back pain.

And then there’s the antidepressant factor. If I could get legal weed (technically, medical mj is legal in Nevada, but try to find a doc who will give the written recommend…), I wouldn’t consider going back to a doctor to try yet another SSRI that quits working after a couple of months…

Maybe this guy could help you out:

Could be worth a shot.

The average stoner is far from what Hollywood depicts. The only reason that stoners are considered to be stupid teens that don’t contribute to society is because the “stupid” stoners are the ones doing things to get themselves caught.

There are a great many people who smoke Marijuana, philosophize, rant, read, and contribute to society without the negative traits of the “stupid” stoners. (i.e. Sagan).

Based on my experience of having once been a regular frequent user of pot and, occasionally, of other drugs, I think the answer is, by and large, no. If someone’s addicted to cocaine or opiates, I don’t think pot would “satisfy” them. If someone uses pot but occasionally dabbles in other drugs they’d probably continue to dabble, like arachnidlove.

[DISCLAIMER] marijuana, cocaine, and opiates illegal in my jurisdiction except for medical purposes[/DISCLAIMER].

You mean there are other drugs?

How come nobody told me?

Well, hell.
There goes that arguement. :wink:
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Pot isn’t really that great of an antidepressant. In fact, it may make depression worse after extended use.

I agree. If weed (or “Homer”, as I like to call it) were legalized, I’d smoke more of it, but I wouldn’t give up the 'shrooms, LSD, or other fun things that make life worth living.

Although I wonder how many recreational pot smokers also engage in legal herbs, like Salvia…

I guess the short answer is no… people would not give up using other drugs if pot were legal…
Pot is probably the easiest to get for most people, but people still look for the different “high”… that would not change if pot were legal.