Could McCain succesfully attack the "media"?

He could take a few pointers from Buzz Aldrin.

On the other hand, McCain has said he has no problem with Ifill moderating, so it’s not like this is his entire plan.

And recall, Obama refused to debate if those meanies from FOX moderated.

You’ll have to recall that one for us.

I do remember the Obama campaign cancelling out of a specific Fox sponsored debate after Ailes joked using Obama’s name in a comment about Osama bin Ladin. That, however, appears to have been the media equivalent of recalling one’s ambassador to show displeasure with a foreign government.
Obama had already agreed to the Fox debate, with whomever Fox selected as moderator, so in that instance it was hardly a matter of not liking a Fox moderator.

Two things…

First, the Palin bump (no not the daughter’s belly) was largely due to the choir/base believing that McCain was willing to play hardball and pull something out of the Dem playbook (an affirmative action nominee). That combined with her more conservative credentials.

Second, minds can be changed about the extent to which the MSM really wants Obama to win and whether their having such a say is good for the country.

That love affair lasted as long as the focus was him vs conservative Republicans. That isn’t the focus any more so they aren’t his buddies anymore.

My hope is that he’s smart enough to see that.

I’m not aware of any cancelled interviews or many statements.

How about ads that suggest the media was for Obama over HRC and even more for Obama against him.

References in the ads to issues the media “overlooks” while they dig thru Sarah Palin’s garbage.

They’re already bringing up this issue as much as they can. Why would they pay for ads complaining about the media? Talking about it is one thing; like I said, their base seems to respond to it. But making ads costs money and it’s not going to change anyone’s vote. It’s not a good way to spend their money. It’s better to make ads about the actual issues (or at least attack ads) than spending funds to complain about a third party.

Again, they’ve gone to that well so many times, both in this campaign and through the years, that I think no one’s listening any longer.

Yes, that’s what happened. Someone hurt the Democrats’ feelings so they cancelled. Edwards pulled out first, true.

Such suggestions would be lies, but if they’re all right with that, they still have the problem that, by this time, no swing voters would believe them.

What “issues”? I hope you’re not talking about any of that nonsense about Rezko or Ayers or Obama being a Muslim; that stuff has already got all the traction it’s going to get.

Well I suppose if that suggestion would clearly be a lie then there is no point…sorry I asked;)

As for nonsense… I agree that “Obama is a muslim” falls in that category. So does “Ayers and Obama conspired to blow up buildings” as well as “Ayers was just my neighbor” … that leaves alot of in between for curious members of the mainstream media doesn’t it?

Obama’s association with Ayers has been covered in the media, it’s been dissected all over the blogosphere, it’s gotten all the traction it’s going to get. And McCain will look like a John Birch Society throwback if he raises it himself or by proxy.

Well in all fairness to Dick Nixon, the press did hate him.

Throw in a head butt of Bill O. and he’s got my vote.

Covered in the media? Really?? Who and how much??? ABC, CBS, NBC, NYT, Wash.Post, Time, Newsweek?

I’ll bet you can find a mention or two but nothing compared to all the anti-Palin info we’ve been presented with.

That we won’t get more though I have no doubt.

PS On a related matter…didn’t I here Ifill say in her introduction that she chose all the questions? Haven’t I been told that she was just a pretty face reading a script??

Wow. Who told you that?

Gwen Ifill is one of the best reporters out there.

The McCain campaign is already taking the OP’s advice.

Which is based on lies, of course.

Well, you’re right, I was using it as a metaphor in this instance, what I mean about literally was that commentators on both the left and the right were criticizing (bagging on) her. Also, the bag-baggage wordplay was nice. Why can’t you let a nice figure of speech alone, meanie?

Oh, yeah, because McCain’s not a conservative. :rolleyes:

Palin is now criticizing Katie Couric for asking the irrelevant questions during their interview. Why that excuses poor answers, I don’t know, but there it is. It’s a standard play to her base. If you expect her to be successful beyond that, you’re likely to be disappointed.

A few people here probably said that about Palin, but nobody should’ve said it about Ifill, who probably came up with her quesitons the same way Lehrer did and the other moderators will.