Could McCain succesfully attack the "media"?

Let’s say your McCain and you are convinced that the vast majority of those in the media who claim to be fair are actually doing everything in their power to get Obama elected.

That’s the premise.

Could he conceivably go on the attack against those people/media outlets without doing more harm than good?

Isn’t he, already? He’s canceling interviews and releasing statements about how unfairly the press is treating him now. What more are you suggesting he could do?

It’s a tactic that plays well with the far right, but I think just about everybody else sees it as pointless complaining.

I don’t see how he could do that without seeming like a whiney kid republican stomping his feet. If his claims were valid, and the MSM was in fact leaning Obama he may have a case. But from what I have seen the MSM is reporting [mostly unbiased] unfolding of a historic election. And Obama is doing quite well, that’s making the news right now. Also, McCain would have to go back in time and choose another vip for this to really work. :wink:

Seeing as the media is the primary means by which he can complain, doing so for too long will simply see him getting less and less coverage, which is even worse than unfair coverage.

Not a chance. I think this kind of BS is hurting him more than anything else he’s done. Basically, even assuming the media IS some kind of monolithic entity AND is out to get you (it’s not, so it can’t be…not as a unified block) it’s silly to make a big deal about it. It’s the way it is. You fight back by getting your message out and moving through it…not by sitting down and whining about how unfair things are. That’s life…you tough it out or you shouldn’t run for political office. Ask Obama sometime all the unfair things that have happened to HIM in his career while running for the various offices he’s held…including THIS race.


No. That would just be making hay for that majority in the media. Granted that such a majority would turn total silence on the issue into a reason to vote Obama, but people are more likely to believe a point when it’s based on something done rather than something not done.

I’d say the best tactic to take would be to hold lots of interviews, in the hope that either the sheer mass of information means that some true points are got forth, or that the individual spin placed on them by the various outlets will be different enough from even each other that the bias will be obvious.

Actually punching the reporters? (Heck, if he starts with Geraldo, I’d be tempted to vote for him.)

There’s a fine line between gaming the refs and crying wolf. I think the McCain campaign went way over that line already.

Without doing more harm than good to his own candidacy? No, definitely not. Everyone ready to swallow such nonsense is in the bag for him already. He would only make himself look like a paranoid nutcase or, worse, a whiner, to the swing voters. Especially those old enough to remember Nixon.

Oh, no. That wouldn’t happen. He’s the Republican nominee for president. Not covering him is simply not an option.

Excellent idea! :slight_smile:

Palin first.

He really needs clean hands before he starts that war. It’s not like he’s chosen to walk a high road in this campaign.

The media, by the very act of covering his complaint against them, would disprove it.
Then the commentaries and oped columns would call it a desperation move, so it wouldn’t work out at all well. It would probably also cement the opinion of him as erratic.

Inevitable cartoon - McCain yelling “get off my lawn” at a bunch of kids labeled “the press.”

A few months ago it seemed to me that media was kinda fawning over McCain. And I still don’t see a lot of attacks on McCain himself. They’re bagging on Palin right and left (literally) but that’s because she’s got so much, um, baggage.

I just don’t think anybody’s gonna buy it. If you let the media fawn all over you, you can’t get away with complaining that they’re out to get ou when they stop. Unless you’re Bush. As I recall, it worked for him, big time.

The media were John McCain’s base for most of his political career, so he thought he could get away with anything in this race and not be called on it. There is a you-tube clip up that shows McCain talking the the editorial board of the Des Moines Register today. He comes off as extremely unpleasant and disagreeable. I think he realizes that the love affair is over.

How does one “bag left and right” literally outside of a grocery store?

I don’t see your reasoning here. He was a media darling in the 200s and maybe the late '90s, including 13 appearances on the Daily Show, because he was seen as a straight talker and a Republican who could still deliver relatively unbiased commentary about Washington - and he had a good sense of humor. I’m sure his war hero reputation helped him earlier in his career, but I’d like to know why you say the media was his base that long ago.

The choir he’d be preaching to is already well aware of the message. The chances of him changing minds of any of the undecideds with this tactic - nil

Katie Couric’s giving it her best bipartisan shot (note: autoplay videos):

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