Could one survive a jump/fall onto an inflated sports dome?

Under the Queensboro bridge in NYC there are inflated dome things covering tennis courts and the like. has a photo showing a couple of the domes. One could jump or fall off the bridge onto a dome. The top of one dome is maybe only two or three stories down from the bridge. Two others, shown in the photo, are a much longer drop. I’m guessing that if one fell the likely result would be

  1. puncture the material and land fatally inside or
  2. bounce off on some lethal trajectory

But is it conceivable that under the right circumstances one might survive? Suppose one hit the flattish top of the bubble spread-eagled, might one bounce a few times and then be able to climb down the side? I’m guessing the fabric is not so tightly inflated that one couldn’t grab onto it to control descent? This advertising website claims their bubbles can support 50 pounds of snow per square foot and stand up to category 5 hurricane winds.

Would it help if the bubble covered a swimming pool and ripping through the bubble fabric slowed one’s descent before hitting the water? (I’m guessing not.)

My husband was working on the bridge and did just that. Fell off the bridge. Hit the dome. Wound up in the hospital…

Doctors said it was a hell of a bounce.

–Congolia Breckenridge

Jaws survived just fine in Moonraker (?)…

Probably not on the Minneapolis Metrodome at the moment…