Could people use your mail against you?

Let’s say that you wrote your email on some public space and everyone can see it, your facebook, your youtube, website or whatever, is there a way someone can use that against you?

If the people had your credit card info they could cause you harm, if they know your passwords and had access to your mail, they could also cause harm, but what if they had just your mail and nothing else, are you safe then or can they register you on malicious sites and things like that?

I suppose yes, but then again everyone would hide their mails if that was the case, so I don’t know…

One scam that is reported sometimes is to impersonate a close friend or relative and send mail, spoofing their e-mail address, that the friend/relative has some kind of emergency in a foreign country and needs money wired ASAP. But that usually involves cracking the password to your e-mail account (and locking you out), to be able to field the replies.

If someone read a number of my e-mails they would no doubt also be able to come up with some other social engineering attacks, using circumstances peculiar to me and imitating my writing style. Either to scam others or to spoof damning e-mails under my name.

I think the OP misphrased things. I think this is supposed to be “What if your email address gets posted online?”

If in addition to email address your name and other “helpful” information can make things worse. Savvy creeps have been able to social engineer help desk folk to get around passwords and such. (Despite this being something that shouldn’t happen so easily, even with banks and credit card companies. :eek:)

Even with just an email address, name and some other info they might be able to guess some passwords.

Of course the email account holder is often a weak link. A spoofed email telling you to “click here to verify” something can open up a big can of worms.

So someone might be able to get into your social media account, online shopping accounts, etc. and do bad things. The worse is if they get access to your email account. Then your online world can come tumbling down. And since a ton of your stuff happens online now, this is not good.

At least three other people are cheerfully using my email address, or at least think they are. I get eBay purchase notifications, order confirmations, reminders to take somebody’s dog to the vets in Australia, bills for an Australian ISP and so on. There doesn’t seem to be any way to contact these people, as of course any email I try to send will just come straight back to me! (And no, they’re not fake/scam emails of the “click here to check your order” variety.)

Actually, the other British person who uses my address is contactable, as his eBay orders have his postal address on them. So far I haven’t bothered to write and tell him to correct his details…

I’d say the biggest issue with posting your email address anywhere is spam in your inbox and as stated, using your email address to get recipients to think it’s from you. This is a common scheme in the “I’m stuck somewhere and need you to wire me cash immediately” email and phone scam. Also, there are bots that scam forums and social media sites that automatically collect email addresses. You could also have your email address blocked if your provider sees too much spam linked to it. Bottom line, never a good idea to post any personal info online anywhere.