Could someone explain FaceBook to me?

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I am not on Facebook…but I know some of the things I am missing out on. A lot of my circle of more casual acqauintances only post their events on FB, only invite on FB, only respond on FB. Since I am not, I literally don’t get invited anymore. That was the price I paid.

So why would you want to be convinced?

Facebook has around a 50% penetration rate amongst internet users in the US. But don’t fret there are other industrialized nations whose populations are as paranoid and suspicious as you. :smiley: Okay, okay, not paranoid and suspicious, rather you are concerned with privacy. :wink:

Germany is one. Only about a 28% penetration rate for Facebook. And they asked Google street view to leave and not come back. Poland and Romania have even lower penetration rates.


Pretty much this.
Friends that live near me and I interact with a lot I’m not interested too much in what they put on facebook.
It’s relatives and friends that live hundreds to thousands of miles away that I like to keep up on. I see pictures of nieces and nephews, friends kids, new houses, etc.
If I lived, grew up, and worked in a 50 mile radius and all my realtives and friends lived in this same radius I would probably have no use for facebook.

Right, my point is that Facebook’s content is user-provided. It isn’t inherently boring or exciting or anything. If your friends are all out kayaking and saving cats from trees and whatever instead of posting on Facebook, that’s not Facebook’s fault. And fwiw I know several people in your age group who use FB fairly regularly. (They post little updates about their kayaking and kitten saving instead of calling each other to talk about it or whatever you olds normally do. :stuck_out_tongue: )

To be a bit nit picky. They don’t own it. When you create something, you are the COPYRIGHT owner of your creation and you GRANT them the right to publish your posting and re-use it as they wish. IF they “owned” it, you could never re-use your own material.

As an example:

You create cool comic strip and post it to Facebook.

You’ve given Facebook the right to publish it (e.g. render it to the screens of the other users) and also reuse the materials as they see fit without any further payment.

You are still free to make and sell T-Shirts or postcards or what ever you want with the comic strip. You are still free to post that same comic strip where ever you please.

If Facebook “owned” the comic strip (as you wrote), you would have to pay Facebook to use your own comic strip. And as to the “well, what if Facebook makes T-Shirts from my comic strip?” – IF they ever did such a thing, they’d be out of business pretty darn fast. They make their money (and a lot of it) by getting you to waste your time and energy on their site. Why would they throw that away over abusing intellectual property posted by a member?

My friends do all sorts of great things away from the computer. But they also post pictures, update their status with useful information, keep me up-to-date on their activities, and create/invite us to events. My friends are just more efficient than your friends, that’s all.

Actually, the dope’s policy is more draconian because they reserve their non-exclusive right to my postings perpetually. Once I take a photo off Facebook, they can’t use it anymore. The dope doesn’t even give me that level of control.

It’s a great way to keep in contact with people. Just this second a friend sent me a link to a book I might be interested in. It was just 99p on Kindle, and it looks good, so now I have something to read over the weekend!

That kind of thing wouldn’t be quite as streamlined over the phone.

Like posting on an anonymous message board?
To me, saying Facebook is “boring” is like saying the telephone is boring or email is boring. For me, Facebook is a useful tool for helping to enhance my actual real world relationships. Much in the same way the telephone or email does. Many of my friends organize activities through Facebook. It’s useful for keeping contact information up to date. And, of course, it’s always fun sharing photos afterwards.

Sorry, no.

:rolleyes: You know, this question gets posted on the board about once a month, and each time, the OP comes across as if not being on Facebook should garner him some sort of medal of honor. If you don’t have friends who keep pestering you to be on Facebook (for ease of communication, ease of planning things, ease of picture sharing), then you don’t really have any need to be on Facebook.

And if at this point you are still unaware of what Facebook is and does, I’m not sure bragging about that point is really all that advisable. (Not being on Facebook is the new “I don’t even own a television” fake brag.)

And “I have a Facebook account but I only use it for email notifications. I don’t even check it, honestly. Once a month, MAX” is the new “I have a TV but I only use it to watch PBS.”

Yeah, but if none of your friends are using it to organize activities, or share photos, or do anything but update their damned status, it is indeed boring. Believe me.

I’ve been on Facebook for about 5 years and just last week updated my status: for the first time ever. I don’t give a shit about my friends’ status, and I know they feel the same about mine.

My friends organize activities through email, or the telephone! Therefore, these devices are not boring.

My family doesn’t use Facebook either. I’m glad you’re having fun though.

Right, I was thinking a sticky should be made for this topic.

I do not have my life on public display on Facebook. I have my life displayed only to friends of my choice. Over 99% of my information there is inaccessible to the public.

When I was gaming on FB, I was scrupulous about deleting every game post once it was 24 hours old. I left the posts up that long for my gamer friends to pick up their stuff. But I don’t like the massive clutter of hundreds of game posts in which anything else becomes lost. Clean up that crap, peoples, please. Visiting your page is like visiting the home of an old hoarder with decades of accumulated junk and newspapers making it difficult to find a path to even walk through it.

I’m a grandmother going on 53. I enjoy Facebook greatly. I like having friends and being part of society.

Boy, there’s an oxymoron for ya’! :wink:

That was rude. Don’t be rude to grandmas.

Damn you!

Facebook is exactly what YOU put into it. If you seldom use it because you think it’s boring and stupid, guess what? It will be boring and stupid. You can share as much as information as you like and use it for the purposes you like.

My husband has chosen not to join Facebook because he thinks it’s pointless. But he doesn’t go around bragging about it or asking people to defend why they joined. To each their own.