Could someone explain FaceBook to me?

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I only use an alias to read a couple of pages about stocks. The kind of thing better suited to a forum - im forever opening up little boxes. My friends and aquantances are all email

That’s my situation. Nobody ever asks me to be on Facebook, so I see no reason to join. In fact, I pretty much only do social things with my wife, and I live with her.

Now, my wife is on Facebook and she uses it a lot. But then, she’s got a ton of out-of-town friends. I don’t.

Both of these. I have a bunch of friends I knew in undergrad or law school that facebook is the main way we keep tabs on each other for births, marriages, funny stories, whatever. A huge group of my old friends from undergrad used it to organize a reunion, and those of us who played in bands back then played reunion shows for it. It was a complete blast. We had such a good time we’re playing one more reunion show with another band later in the year and letting everyone know by facebook, which beats the heck out of our back in the day method of stapling flyers to telephone poles.

A few of my friends have had to delete their accounts for work or personal reasons and say they don’t miss them, but I would. It’s the easiest way to keep in regular touch with old friends. Besides, if interacting with your old and new friends on the internet doesn’t sound appealing, why the heck are you interacting with a bunch of total strangers on a message board? :smiley:

I understand why Facebook works for many people. My wife loves it, for example. But I don’t need it myself. I can answer the points in that gizmondo article:

  1. I don’t want an online presence. I am very pleased that I can barely be found by Googling my name. Certainly, Google Image will not find any photographs of me.

  2. I don’t need a website. I have nothing to sell.

  3. I already have a job.

  4. I already have all the means of communication I need.

  5. This is the main thing: I don’t need to communicate with 750 million people. Generally, I only comunicate socially with five people outside of work: My wife, my son, my parents, and my sister. Two of them live in the same house as me.

Basically, I don’t like to socialize. I leave that to my wife. I prefer to read and do crossword puzzles.

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Actually not a bad reason.

See post #45

Are you, or you have you actually been on FB? Or is this just based on anecdotal evidence?

How’s the sense of humor level on FB? I don’t find it that high in real life.

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Yes, I already have Skype, and I have concerns about content ownership. It already prevents me from discussing some things here on the Dope.

See, there’s the thing. I’m already well connected on line with my tech oriented friends, and my non-tech friends are mostly not on.

I’m 56 and that’s a big part of it I think. If I were younger I might align my life around social media, but it’s not what I’ve done and so I’m hesitant to adapt to this when there are so many other things I rather adapt to.

I don’t want to be convinced, but I’m willing to be convinced. I have 0 FB experience, so maybe I’m missing something.

Points for that.

If you’re tired of threads like this then don’t open them. Otherwise come up with better snark than an a rolleyes thingy.

The television thing is not fair. It’s like owning a television and not watching Lost because you aren’t interested in it. I’ve been online steadily since the late 70s, I don’t appreciate technoobs calling me snotty.

Now this is the part people aren’t talking about. I don’t know anything about FB. I have no idea what’s involved in keeping stuff private or public, or what kind of maintenance is required to do that. If your description wasn’t dissuading me, I’d put you in the top spot right now.

Also, sorry to hear your kids couldn’t control themselves. Or happy to hear it if you like being a grandma :slight_smile:

You’re right - the television thing isn’t fair. What you’re doing is the equivalent of responding to the “I don’t even own a television” guy with “what’s a television?”.

Then my position is that you should stay away from Facebook!

What do I win for helping you to maintain your position? :slight_smile:

Facebook is GREAT for people who would otherwise have problems communicating with people/spending RL time with them.

It’s also great for people who spend a lot of time interacting with people IRL.

I think suryani’s posts are even handed. He explains, fairly succintly I think, why some people use it and others don’t.

I do think that “geographically widespread friend or family network” is the #1 reason why people use and continue to use facebook. I can easily stay up to date on my friends in Australia, even though we haven’t seen each other physically since… like… 2003. We never had the kind of relationship where we regularly emailed (like regular letters, even when I wrote more emails than I do now, I only ever regularly emailed my very closest friends).

Now, if you don’t have a geographically widespread friend or family network you’de like to stay in touch with, you probably would have no use for Facebook unless you liked some of the games (I find FB apps annoying, most ofthe time, but some are fun).

As far as keeping things private – in the sense that what you write will only be visible to people you have explicitly approved – yes, you absolutely can, and its fairly simple.

As far as the “humor level” it depends who you are friends with. I get lots of laughs from FB, but I know a lot of very clever people.

I joined it originally and have over 1400 friends now.

Of course, I don’t interact with hardly any of them, but it’s still cool to scroll through and see their face once in a while. Almost like some sort of picture diary of the people you’ve met throughout your life.

The one thing that I’ve really enjoyed lately is “liking” certain groups I can identify with. There’s political, artistic, sports, healthy eating and on and on. They have all kinds of cool artwork, articles and videos you can browse through. These have led me to all kinds of things and it is usually all in one convenient FB page.

I resisted using Facebook for a long time and I eventually realized that I was missing quite a bit of what was going on with friends and family so I reluctantly joined. Even now, I rarely make posts, and I don’t spend more than like 5 minutes a day looking at my feed unless I’m bored, but I do make good use of the chat feature, and even that, since it works with out well known chat programs like AIM and GChat, I pipe all of that through the same interface.

But the thing is, Facebook is a convenient way to let people know what’s going on with you and keep up on those things. Without at least some sort of social networking tool, if there’s some announcement in the family or friends, they have to call everyone or email everyone, and any comments or responses get spread around and all that information is lost. It’s nice to see someone post pictures of something, maybe an event I missed, and be able to see it, or maybe it’s something I was at and I get to see all the pictures that people took. Or imagine a cousin that lives across the country is coming home to visit, you might not have gotten that call or email, but on Facebook you’ll see it and maybe you can see them when they’re in town.

For me, it’s also a great way to keep up on things that otherwise consumed a whole lot of time. I’m really into the music scene in my area and a lot of underground bands, and keeping up with it before Facebook meant checking tons of different websites and relying on various friends to pass around information. Now I just become a fan of bands and certain venues and I can see those updates easily, in one place. There’s been plenty of concerts I probably would have missed if I hadn’t seen it on facebook because I didn’t even know a band was touring and I see them pop up at one of those venues or they post their dates.

And sure, you might have copyright concerns, fine, don’t post that stuff there. I certainly wouldn’t post any of my original music or poetry or whatever directly on their site, but that’s more to protect it against everyone else than it is to protect it from Facebook. But why am I worried about copyright on pictures that were taken at my nephew’s birthday party or at the beach or whatever? They’re still mine and I can repost them wherever, and they weren’t taken as art or was I going to make money from them, and Facebook only indirectly makes money from them by letting other users see them as part of the service.
The thing is, Facebook is a powerful tool, but it’s only as powerful as how much you and the people you know use it. Obviously, if you don’t know anyone on it, or all your friends are either way too detailed or way too quiet it’s kind of useless, but that’s no different than any other kind of tool for socializing. I’m going to say everyone has to be on it, but I’m a pretty introverted person, but I still find it useful and worthwhile because most of my family and friends are on it, and if you don’t have the critical mass, then it isn’t really worthwhile.

How I meant it:For someone in MA in a wheelchair on a fixed income, it’s great to communicate with people in Washington or California.

Apple pie, please.

I said nothing about my kids. :confused: :dubious:

That I do, thank you very much.

Facebook is 850 000 000 people posting kitten pics, gorgeous and/or interesting artwork, holiday snaps, weird religious rants, political artwork, and jokes.

On the other hand, I reconnected with family members and friends, found out about a high-school reunion, saw my sister’s kids, said Hi to ex-co-workers, and play the occasional game.

It’s not that it couldn’t be improved–they need to make certain user-interface options more available, like being able to turn off any notifications, including the default ones provided by FB itself–but even in its flawed state, it’s quite useful.

I’ve moved a lot, lived in many different states and several countries, and have friends I adore and miss dearly from all those places, so it’s a nice way to keep in touch, and also to network a bit more with new friends in my new home and get to know them and the area better.
And what Sunspace said: Some of them are doing interesting things and posting interesting photos and links to interesting articles, or just posting hilarious things so we get to joke around and shoot the shit for a bit every now and then and remember why we’re still friends. We casually chat about music and current events and art etc etc, and once we start up a conversation, I never know which of my other friends might chime with “OMG I LOVE NURSE-WITH-WOUND, TOO!”, and I get to know old friends even better and cheer them on or commiserate with them as warranted or admire pictures of their cats and children and smoked meats and high scores and batik, or tell my sister “Check out the glurge Aunt Doreen posted! Total wingnut woo!”, or, locally, see who’s going to what concert in town or who has extra spinach or needs to borrow a wheelbarrow. But I’m a social animal.
My profile is limited to people I’m friends with-- you can’t find it on Google-- and I don’t have to have contact with strangers or non-strangers who I dislike.

It’s like the lady said…

Thanks for the Betty White quote.

Loved it.

Amidst all the clutter and mind-numbing crap, you will occasionally stumble upon something worthwhile; whether it be an old friend, a hilarious joke, like-minded people or a good tip on things to do/restaurants to visit when in certain areas. It’s like, “Why not?” to me.