Could Trump end up in jail for Trump University?

“The Donald’s” university was basically a large scam. Is he going to end up in jail for this? He ripped off a lot of people.
He is even go so far as threatening people that he stole from.

That is silly, “only the little people” go to jail as I think Trump sees this.

Of course, mean Leona Helmsley proved that Little People can put rich people like him in Jail. Still, that will be hard to do, so it is more likely that Trump will see just fines or reparations for the affected students.

Unlikely–certainly not from the current case. The State AG of New York (I believe is who is doing this) is going after Trump University for a “civil fraud”, so it’s not a criminal trial. I would think if they felt there was a criminal case there it probably would’ve already been filed, usually the government would want to adjudicate a criminal charge before pursuing a civil one (the State AG wouldn’t be involved in a criminal case normally, so he’d be deferring to local prosecutors.)

It’s really doubtful. I’m sure Trump had lawyers involved along the way to make sure everything stayed outside of criminal liability.