Could we use (more) US military resources to respond to the pandemic?

In a pandemic crisis in which some project that millions of Americans could die…

Is there some way that we could put to use the vast resources of the US military? (for example, to use non-essential military buildings for quarantining people, setting up new coronavirus hospitals, etc.)

(P.S. I guess this is already happening with the Navy’s Mercy hospital ship, sent to New York to help treat coronavirus patients. But could it be done on a much larger scalel?)

I thought the USS Mercy was for non-corona patients, to free up room in hospitals.

Yes, you’re right. I stand corrected.

It’s USNS Mercy (US Naval Ship) since hospital ships are non-commissioned.

The US Army Corps of Engineers is setting up and preparing to set up field hospitals all over the US.

Plan Could Turn McCormick Place Into Field Hospital Amid COVID-19 Pandemic – CBS Chicago < already done
Temporary Hospitals Will Be Erected at Javits Center and 3 Other Sites in New York | 2020-03-23 | Architectural Record <already done
The new design: Army Combat Support Hospitals Converting to New Modular Field Hospitals | Article | The United States Army

ETA: If I recall, most of the early citizens returned by the Feds were quarantined for two weeks at US military bases around the country.