Could/World/Should GWB offer a blanket Amnesty?

I am more interested in a reasonable discussion, but for those who wish to debate, feel free.

So it is the last days of the Bush 2 Administration. In the distance, the Fat Lady is warming up. George takes a piece of paper on his desk and writes:

“I pardon all Americans and American contractors for any crime they may have committed during the War on Terror, or in Iraq or Afghanistan.”

Can he do this? Should he?

I see a couple of advantages from his point of view. Mainly, he will preclude any criminal prosecutions, or even investigations that would otherwise turn up nasty activities that would (further) sully his reputation. As a result, fewer such details would ever come to light.

Your thoughts?

I don’t think he has this power. Most of any crimes which may have occurred presumedly happened in Afghanistan or Iraq and are subject to their jurisdiction. The President of the United States has no power of pardon or commutation outside of the United States. The most he could do is issue a statement saying he will not extradict any American to those countries for any crimes they might be charged with. But I don’t believe such a declaration would be binding on future Presidents.

I fully expect King George to issue said edict.

I’d be a little more careful about the phrasing. It seems to me that a lawyer could claim that “during the War on Terror” could apply to any crime committed while the country was in a so-called “War on Terror”. Robbing a convenience store? Murdering your mother? Just check the date to see if we’re still in the “War on Terror” and it’s all fair game!