Could you make Sweet Sweetback's Baadasssss Song in the modern day?’s_Baadasssss_Song

This is I think the only film that has a scene that has stuck in my mind, it is almost ironic since the scene is supposed to show how “manly” Sweetback is that even as a child he had adult women lusting after him.

:eek:It is the best argument I have ever seen to shut up the guys who say “nice” when they hear about a boy abused sexually by a female. Mario Van Peebles said he was traumatized by the filming for years.

Its full nudity of young Mario and a middle aged woman, you don’t see penetration that I can remember but he is on top of her eventually and moving.
It is not at all erotic and …god euh!

Could this even get made today? I watched this on a bootleg but I see it is back on sale on DVD.

Run out and watch Black Dynomite (2009). I’ll wait.

OK, hysterical, right? I don’t think there is the exact scene you mention from Sweet Sweetback’s, but see, you can’t just remake Sweet Sweetback’s. It’s already there. All you can do is parody it.

I didn’t have much more of a point–just go see Black Dynomite

IMHO, we are way too PC to remake it. I think the great directors are turning over in their graves when they see that Hollywood is too afraid to shake things up.

Add Blazing Saddles to the list. You would be sliced up by the NAACP and the LGBT crowd for starters.