Could you please bump the PM limit up to 10 people from 5?

This might only be useful for the gamers on the board, but it would help quite a bit for us. I think the Mafia players run into this limit too.

Bumped up to 10 for all Members.

You are wonderful, thank you so much.

For my Mafia needs, I don’t need multiple recipients as much as a reduced time limit between sending PMs. Since most players get a different PM, multiple 20 players by a 30-second limit, and you get a significant chunk of time. If it didn’t cause problems on the board, I’d love for that to be reduced to 15 or 20 seconds.

Let’s try reducing the time a little and see if it adversely affects the system; of course all changes are tentative until we see if they cause more trouble.

But I have reset from 30 seconds to 20. Let’s see how this goes. Please keep us apprised of what you see.

Thank you again, that higher limit is a very nice help.

Excellent! Thanks, Tuba!