Could you use a PAL formatted Playstaion on a digital tv in the US?

Could I purchase a PAL PS2 to hook up to a digital television to run alongside my NTSC PS2 so I could play European manufactured games? Specifically ISS Pro Evolution.

Not that I actually have a digital television, but if this is a legitimate possibility I will start saving.

You will probably still need to get a PAL-NTSC converter. They are readily available.

MR. Blue Sky,

Thanks. for video I know, but do you have any Idea if they are compatible with vudeo games? and if so is even the digital television necessary, or could I just continue using my CRT?

They ought to work for any video source. The fact that the TV is digital is meaningless, really. It will only be using the analog NTSC signal from the converter. Any TV would work as well.


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Informative site

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Thankyou again, great link.

So, what I am understanding from this site is I would need only a PAL to NTSC converter and a voltage converter (in addition to the obvious console and game) and I’m good to go?

The region codes shouldnt matter as I would have a second dedicated PS2 that would think it was in Europe anyway?

Correct, bob.

Thanks again.

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