Couldn't happen to a nicer bunch of fellows!

I just found out that the guys who bought and destroyed the company I was laid off from last year have been arrested in Chicago. The top three executives have been charged with 22 counts of wire fraud, money laundering, and conspiracy totaling more than $50 million!

Can I get a woo-hoo? Or perhaps a Nelson-style “ha-ha!” Regardless, I hope the HR weasel who treated me and the rest of the 30 or so people he was paid an inordinate amount of money to fire like criminals for working for a company he and his cohorts were in the process of pillaging is among the indicted. Or at least out of a job. Now let’s just hope that these fuckers see the inside of a jailhouse for as long as I would if I stole $100 or got busted with a joint.

How’s about a big loud


Schadenfreude. It’s what’s for dinner.
well, late breakfast in my particular case…

HAH! That’s right up there with a company that fired you coming back to you six months later and asking if you have any interest in coming back, cause it turns out you were mostly running the company. Well, the feeling you get after you tell them what to do with such an appealing offer, anyway. :smiley:

(No, this hasn’t actually happened to me, but it would be cool, wouldn’t it?)

Yes! Fucking soulless thieves; they should be forced to spend the rest of their lives saying “Yes, sir” to their 17-year-old Assistant Manager in the prison cafeteria while scraping crusted cheese from the inside of the dumpster, with their own toothbrushes, in direct sunlight during a Memphis summer.

I get such a warm, fuzzy feeling from imagining that.

I should add that I worked at the same company with vibrotronica; thanks to a pact with the Devil, I had the incredible luck to get out just a few days before the layoffs started.

Karma works.

Now only if that would happen to the worthless Corporate Rapists who are running (into the ground) the company I used to work for. Amazing how the stock price runs up every time the executive options are just coming due…


featherlou, that sort of thing happened to me once. Not the “you were running the company” bit, but the basic scenario.

I worked for a Consulting Company. Sent to an Insurance Company in total chaos. Given an office (my boss didn’t have an office) and no work. After six weeks of this, I complain to my consulting firm boss that the client is wasting their money, why don’t they let me do what I was hired to do? (ok, ok, so I was seriously bored…) Consulting Company Owner calls me into office and tell me how there must be something seriously wrong with me as a human being because of “all the bad things that have happened to you lately”. Says things like that only happen to people who deserve it. (My car was damaged by a slow moving idiot semi-driver and I complained to him about the job thing. Those are seriously “bad things”??? WTF???)

Idiot Asshole Manager is assigned to beat me into shape. Client is offered a month of my time free as an “apology”. They accept with odd look on their faces, have NO CLUE as to WTF this is all about. They loved me. I spend that time writing report about how I would go about doing what they hired me to do. They are thrilled beyond belief at my genius and organization.

But…I quit. Not going to work for those a-hole consulting guys anymore. Put in two week notice on tuesday, the day before my birthday, which I have off. Get back to client office on thursday. Phone message from IAM, saying “clean out your desk, we’re only paying you through last friday”. I call him and say “Ok, but then I’m sueing the shit out of you, because that’s illegal.”

An hour later, after talking to totally irate clients - who are smart enough to blame the consulting firm for the mess, IAM calls me back and haltingly “apologizes” for the “misunderstanding”. They will be paying me through my end-date afterall, even though I am not working past that afternoon.

I leave company. IAM is promoted (!?!?!) to overall Manager of all Consultants.

Fast Forward to One Year Later;

I get a call from a Recruiter. Looking for former employees of Evil Asshole Owner to come back to his company. I laugh out loud at Recruiter, tell him I wouldn’t work for that piece of shit for any money. Ask what the deal is.

Turns out IAM slowly drove off all their consultants. They went from 35 people to 6 in about six months before EAO realized (slow, eh?) what was going on and fired IAM. Now he was trying to rebuild the company.

I tell my story to the Recruiter. HE QUITS THE ACCOUNT!!!

(Old Man Voice)

And that, my children, is the tale of how Karmic Justice bit two bad people in the ass…



Heh, heh. Last year I was working for a company and found a major security hole in their system! I e-mailed my supervisor and the facility manager about it. Next thing I know, every mistake I make is being logged, and I’m fired two days before I was supposed to be paid a $500 bonus. Last month I hear on the news that the CEO of the company and the CFO are fired for “questionable accounting practices” and the company’s launching an internal investigation to see what’s going on. I’m wondering what else might turn up.

-Nelson voice-

Ha Ha!


That is great vibrotronica