Couldn't you make the computer out of asbestos or something?

I came into work this morning to be greeted by the smell of smoke in my office. “Hmm, that’s weird”, unobservant me said as I sat down at my computer, and tried to turn it on. After pressing the power button 4 or 5 times, with no results, I thought for a few minutes, then came up with a hypothesis: “Maybe the smoke and the computer nonoperation are related!”. (Ok, I didn’t do that…it took the office manager to do that, but I’M the one telling this story, and if I want to take credit for it I will) Sure enough, the computer’s power supply was fried. The office manager is trying to find a new power supply, our tech support company has been called (not very enthusiatically…they’re the ones who built this computer in the first place), and me? I found a spare computer we had, and hooked that up till this gets straightened out. So, yes, I’m posting this on a 486 with a whole 16 meg of RAM. I think it would be faster to write this out and hand deliver it to each of the teeming millions, but then I realized I wouldn’t be able to wait for all of your replies. So, be very afraid…I have an old computer and am using it.

Good luck, I hear power supplies are expensive…
Just dont stick your tongue on it.

For a PC they are about $40-$50, not expensive at all in my book.