Count the Fs

From e-mail. Those that have encountered it before, no spoiling.

I’m a genius.

Ya got me…and I was so careful to count the F’s!

Wow… That was… Not surprising at all. I got all six.

I got five. Apparently, I’m almost, but not quite, a genius.

I knew that already.

I got 3. But isn’t it amazing how a relatively simple challenge can fool so many people? And it does, apparently.

Well, I counted 3, but I kept thinking it was too easy and that couldn’t possibly be right. So I was wrong about it being three, and right that it was too easy. :wink:

I counted 7.

I have no idea how I did that.

I got 6.

I got six the first try and I am not a genius.

So the test is flawed.

No really, I thought it was common sense that there was going to be some trick, so I figured it out the second time I read the first line.

But if you were to flash each line only once for a certain period of time I guess that might hold true.

200 views. Lets say about 75% of those are first time views.

If you viewed the thread, took the test, and got 6 you are highly likely to post. If you took the test and got 3 you are quite likely to be amongst those 150 or so who didn’t post.

So I’d say there’s a high proportion of poeple counting 3.
Just saying.

Also the Fs seem clearer in a vbulletin thread than they did in a messy e-mail full of '>'s

Has anyone seen the similar test where you’ve got to count how many times a group of people throw a ball at each other. Then someone plays tells you that a man in a gorilla suit walked right through the middle of the group. And then the footage is replayed. Most people didn’t spot the man in the gorilla suit.

That’s it?

I counted the correct number of Fs the first time. Thinking there was some sort of trick, I counted again. And again. Six every time. So I CNTL-F’d the Fs and still counted six.

bugger. I didn’t realize people could cheat.

Apparently it works better in an e-mail. I counted 3. My intelligent step-father counted 3, my mother counted 3. And the thing it’self implies that most people count 3. But after having already posted it here it’s apparent that it’s easier to count six in the clear, clutter free space of a vbulletin post.
Either that or you really are all Geniuses.

I am a lowly of-misser.

I’m pretty sure I see 27.

I didn’t cheat. Just checked my results using a readily available tool after the fourth counting.

I thought there might be a trick too. I counted three times. 6, 6, 6.

I know you didn’t cheat. You said you used ctrl-f after you counted. You just reminded me of a way of cheating.

The polymorphemic, psycholinguistic visual processing illusion of the THE BEAST!!!

Bah. I got more Fs than that every quarter on my report card.

You should have put O’s in front of them so your parents’ brains couldn’t process them.

6 for 6.