Counter-Offer On An Entry-Level Position in AV Editing?

My friend Jimbo just graduated from a broadcasting school’s 9 month program. He’s been doing AV production/editing as a serious hobby for 5 years now.
His school placement guy forwarded a notice of an open position to him.
Jimbo sent out his resume via email and 50 minutes after he sent it the manager called to set up an interview and was very excited about, “Could you do the interview today?”
He interviewed for what is a very nice job for someone with his background… more of a production manager position in an in-house corporate TV network for a mortgage broker. The job is one where you would expect $26-30K for the position.
The guy who interviewed him looked at a lot of his work and seemed to like it.
He then offered $21300/yr and told him he isn’t a fit for the original position, but he wants to use him as a glorified editor type and groom him for the other position with a salary review in 90 days.
A little disappointing, but still better-paying than what most of Jimbo’s classmates are getting… but most of his classmates are 2-3 years behind Jimbo’s skill set. Jimbo spent some time tutoring his lecturers on various software packages, and has the kind of knowledge of most of his field that only the singularly obsessed and mostly celibate have.
Jimbo isn’t certain he won’t get a better offer later, but he’s not sure he will, either.
My thinking is that Jimbo should counter-offer with $24300 with hopes of negotiating to $22800.
Am I off base here? Are counter-offers verboten in entry-level positions?

Seems reasonable to me. Of course, if he’s going to counter-offer, he needs to be be prepared to walk away if they flat-out refuse. Otherwise, there’s no steel in it.

He should take the job but tie down the criteria for the salary review, and if the review doesn’t come through, start looking for another position. It’s far easier to find a new job if you’re currently employed.

There is that point, and to be honest it may take him another 6 months to find a similar job.
It looks like he’s their only good candidate, based on some clues they’ve been dropping, and the boss wants to hire him so he can do some important out-of-town something soon that REQUIRES an assistant be working.
He just talked to his placement director, who said pretty much exactly what I said, except he suggests countering with $23000.
The most worrying part is they want him to go to work for them TUESDAY, without 2 weeks notice for the old employer. That tends to make me think he’d be working for a jerk.

Okay, story over.
Jimbo countered with $23K and was promptly accepted. Go Jimbo!
First job outside of a kitchen in nearly a decade.

Go Jimbo! :cool:

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Well done! Fortune favours the brave.

A very astute senior-level management friend of mind told me over 20 years ago, Live, get it going in.

Good job! And congrats to your friend.