Counterspying: How to detect a bug?

Is he a lip reader. If he is in a spot where he can observe the people in the room. He might be able to simply read their lips and follow the conversation.

Before you check the walls, phones, and computers, you might want to check this page. Got any strange scabs on yer head? :smiley:

Of all the ideas, I’ll have to go with misinformation. You could have some real fun with that.

Have everyone learn sign language? :dubious:

Naw, better double-dog secret business should always be conducted in Klingon.


Install a cone-of-silence.
Seriously, if the room is enclosed with glass, your listening device might be across the street. Laser listening device.

The “device” could be as simple as an ordinary cell phone, left on a table or in a corner etc. Set to silent ring and auto-answer. All one would have to do it call it, and then begin listening.
More likely just a case of ‘loose lips sink ships’.

LOL, some of you guys are cracking me up!

Keep in mind this is not a high tech government agency or anything…its office politics. If he’s doing anything at all its going to be inexpensive and low key. I seriously doubt he’s doing any kind of laser evesdropping with expensive equipment.

I like the misinformation idea, we’ll give that a shot. How long before he comes in and mentions something that we planted? I’ll update the thread and let everyone know how it turns out.

Any chance this individual may be socially engineering someone with access to the good stuff.


My vote too. People with big mouths are a lot more common than bugs.

Or pillow talk , cant forget that one.

Check your phone logs. At Defcon(hacker convention) a “bluetooth” sniper gun was showcased. This device(a directional antenna mounted like a gun) + a laptop was able to hack into Bluetooth enabled cell phones(a mile away through walls!). They could then be made to dial out discreetly and silently effectively making a cell phone in someone’s pocket a listening device.

actually… those logs could be erased by the bluetooth sniper as well.
Don’t bring cell phones into the room.

You could also try voice obscuring devices like…

the babble. (unsure of effectiveness)