countries named after people

How many countries were named after a person? I can think of a few: Israel, Bolivia, Columbia, Georgia. But perhaps I’m missing some. Is there a more complete list out there?

erm, America?

Saudi Arabia (after ibn Saud); Russia (if you’re going to have Israel, you should have Russia, named after the Rus people.

Anything with a “Saint” in it.


Looking at this list:
List of Member States of the United Nations

I will guess these:
Dominican Republic
El Salvador
Marshall Islands
Philippines (?)
Saint Kitts and Nevis
Saint Lucia
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
San Marino
Sao Tome and Principe
Solomon Islands

vis-à-vis Rhodesia and Tasmania: if we start including geographical place names, then the list would probably be immense.

This is probably a stupid question, but what about Chad?

Yeah. And what about Jordan?

You could make a case for Romania, I think.

Romania, named after the Romans, who were named after Rome, which was named after Romulus (if you accept mythic figures).

America’s a continent.

Victor in the tragic war against the neighboring state of Jeremy, which was subsequenty annexed.

Apologies to squib, who beat me to Romania.

Two continents, actually (I can be just as pedantic as you). However, it also forms (part of) the name of a country and is frequently used to refer specifically to that country. Therefore, a valid answer.

Shuddup. :slight_smile:

But the original question is “How many countries were named after a person?”

The country was, and still is, named “The United States of America”. Any slang usage is irrelevant.

[[Victor in the tragic war against the neighboring state of Jeremy, which was subsequenty annexed.]]

I’m pretty sure their national anthem is “Willow Weep for Me.”

Not to be pedantic, but:

Georgia, the U.S. state, is named after a person, King George. The baltic nation of Georgia, however, is not.

I await your critique of the inclusion of the Russian Federation, the Republica de Bolivia and the State of Israel on this list :rolleyes:

Tchad was so named by the french from Lake Tchad, and from the Encyclopedia Britannica article, it seems pretty clear that Jordan was named after the river Jordan. Of course, one would need to know how the lake and river got their name. But if you go back far enough, you might find that the Mongols called themselves that because of some guy with the first name Mongo. That doesn’t mean that Mongolia is named after him.

Well I don’t know about the histories behind those countries, but inclusion of words like “Republic” or “State” do not disqualify them, if that’s what you mean. “United States of America” is different than something like “The Republic of China”.

USA: “The unition of states contained in America”
Republic of China: “A republic which is called China”

The Falkland Islands

named after the 2nd Viscount of Falkland