Countries that are totally landlocked by ONE other country

Take for example, if somehow Tennesee became a country to its own. The only way for it to do any trade or be involved in anything foreign outside of the US would be to

a) use US airspace
b) Travel across US ground

So basically, they have to ask permission from the SAME country every time. If they get in a war with the US, they may be in a fix. They can’t go to their other bordering neighbor in the interim.

  1. Are there any?
  2. Can the outside country effectively starve the inside country?

I hope this is in the right place…there is a GQ, but my second question is kind of vague-ish. Thanks…

(I make my 2-item lists with joy and elan and refuse to address the issue other than this sentence.)

Lesotho is an enclave in South Africa.

Vatican City

San Marino

Monaco (if you don’t count the Mediterranean)

I thought it was technically just a principality, not an actual country?

Not that I have any freakin’ clue what the difference is…

There is also Swazilandin South Africa.
ETA: I fail, Mozambique boarders a portion of it.

Lesotho, San Marino, and Vatican City are denoted by triple asterisks.

Vatican City and San Marino are not likely to be “starved” by Italy. Lesotho is vulnerable to troubles in South Africa, and has parted ways with SA on notable issues, such as apartheid.

On preview, Swaziland borders Mozambique. And on further preview, Monaco isn’t landlocked, since it borders the Med.

Missed the edit window, but meant to add: as to the second question, I think the history of West Berlin might be educational. Airlifts and all that.

Also of note are Liechtenstein and Uzbekistan, which are the only doubly landlocked countries, i.e., landlocked countries surrounded by other landlocked countries. In order to get to a coast from these countries, one needs to cross at least two borders.

It’s an independent country. “Principality” just means it has a prince as head of state; it’s a type of country, like a kingdom or a republic.

In addition to the Vatican City and San Marino, the Sovereign Military Order of Malta is a small country landlocked in Italy (its “territory” is a building in Rome). The United States doesn’t recognize the SMOM as a sovereign country but a number of other countries do.

I did a report on Swaziland back in school and it was totally surrounded by SA back then…either the maps were wrong or something has changed since.


Interesting, because that is how I learned about Swaziland too. In elementary school the class divided up portions of africa and we did group reports on each section, and my section had Swaziland in it and I remember it bordering only S. Africa too.

Wonder what happened?

Oops, I take it back, Tuva has borders with Russia and China.

How old are you? I’m looking at a map from 1986 and Swaziland bordered Mozambique then. Mozambique obviously went through major turmoil when it stopped being part of Portugal in 1975, but I wasn’t aware of that altering its borders.

Not only that, it is in fact part of the Russian Federation, so it’s not actually an independent country.

It’s totally possible that I am misremembering or was working with out of date maps (4th grade was in 1991/2 for me.) I was chalking it up to bad memory until Critical1 remembered the same thing.

Don’t know when you went to school, but Swaziland has had borders with both South Africa and Mozambique since at least 1914.

As far as I know, it has had the same boundaries since its formation in the late 19th century.