Country music with horns?

I have only a rudimentary familiarity with most country music. My country music library is comprised almost entirely of Willie Nelson and Hank Williams, and a smattering of a song or two from a handful of other artists.

Anyways, I was listening to “Ring of Fire” recently and, to me at least, the horns are what makes that song really stand out. In my limited experience with country music, horns are not a common sound in the genre.

Can anyone give me examples of other country music featuring brass?

The Mavericks have a horn section. They’re a bit of a fusion with Latin music, but so a country band.

“Seven Spanish Angels” by Willie Nelson & Ray Charles has some kind of horn in the background. Not quite sure if that’s a Willie song or a Ray song though…

I second the Mavericks. “Dance the Night Away” is how you put horns on a country song.

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How about “Johnny’s Cash and Charley’s Pride”? :smiley:

Is a CAKE cover of a Willie Nelson song considered “country”?

Your assignment: research Bob Wills.

How about a little western swing? Al Dexter again:

Dwight Yoakam had a horn section on Gone. Here he is doing Nothing with them on the Tonight Show.

“Come a Little Bit Closer” - country style.

Never mind. Seems they only have the horns in the intro.

Plenty of horn in this one (including a solo)

“Ain’t Nice To Talk Like That” by NRBQ

Skeeter Davis just loves that country trombone!