Country Strong was really bad.

I searched and didn’t see another thread, I can only assume because no one would admit to actually seeing this movie - if I missed it, I apologize.

So, Country Strong staring Gweneth Paltrow. Really bad, right? Anyone seen it? Have anything to say?

To be fair, it did pretty well exactly mimic a country music song, and my husband (a country fan) enjoyed the singing, but wasn’t this up for some sort of Oscar?

I don’t get it - how did this movie get made? It was worse than Burlesque, if you can imagine.

It was playing on my last flight, but it looked so horrid I never plugged in the headphones.

I paid $1 at Redbox. I was ripped off.


I would rather cut off my dick than listen to country music, let alone watch a movie about country music.

So yes, the movie is shit. How could it be otherwise?

I’ll actually listen to country music, but I too would rather cut off Isamu’s dick before I watch that movie.

Looking at Wikipedia, I see the movie turned a profit in its own right, plus they sold a quarter-million copies of the soundtrack album. Around the same time, COMPANY MEN lost a ton of money on the same budget, sure as THE WARRIOR’S WAY lost a heck of a lot more money on a bigger budget, sure as HOW DO YOU KNOW lost even more money on an even bigger budget, and THE DILEMMA almost broke even but didn’t quite make it.

So – why isn’t Hollywood making more movies like COUNTRY STRONG, right?

Adds RandMcnally to list of people who show aberrant interest in my penis