Couple of quick Calgary shopping-advice requests

Partly in relation to earlier discussion, could any of you Albertans (or anyone else) recommend shops for the following in Calgary (with car-less directions where possible!)…

  • Shops for good basic camping odds-and-ends. We’re OK for all the basics, it’s the “oh we forgot xyz” situation which I’d like to have a plan for

  • Inexpensive clothes shops - I always find it easier to buy extra basic stuff halfway through a holiday than to carry it around the whole time

  • Places to buy a nice shirt (to be worn without tie). That’s one thing I would have bought before leaving, except I fly out the day before payday :smack:

  • And finally (and this one includes a car!)…as we head out towards Banff, where’s a good place to stock up on basic supplies? (Tins of food, bottles of water, crate of beer, you get the idea :wink: …)
    Many thanks as always :slight_smile:

You could just stop at one of Calgary’s many fine, airconditioned malls for one stop shopping.

There’s a chain of supermarkets called “Real Canadian Superstore” which you might want to hit (when you’ve got your vehicle) to load up on food items, and maybe some of the camping bulk supplies. They’re generally in the ring road/suburb areas, located in the shopping malls. You’ll see their giant green and yellow tacky signs/storefronts from blocks away.

Kind of like a really, really big Tesco’s. With booze and petrol station thrown in. And their own generic store brands on stuff, which are cheaper than name labels, but generally just as good (often the same manufacturer!)


Oh, and the MEC (Mountain Equipment Co-op) is worth a visit, even if just to drool over the selection. Great winter/mountain/hiking/biking/outdoor gear.

On the #1 Highway (aka 16th Avenue) on your way west, you’ll pass a shopping area with a Safeway (large food store) and I’m sure a booze store or two (the two are not combined here). I second the Mountain Equipment Co-op downtown for any and all camping needs. Cheap clothes? Wal-mart in almost any mall. A nice shirt? There are nice clothing stores in all malls as well.